MyBlogLog Flaw

SoloSeo is in the news today for noting a flaw in MyBlogLog.
Techcrunch, and Andy Beal have had their say.

My opinion – this method of gaming MyBlogLog is useless and pointless. SoloSeo has gained some nice linkbait from the article, but very few new community members. It is a bit like Jason Calacanis and his gaming Alexa experiment. Sure it can be done, but what is really the point?

Update: Andy Beal has pointed out that Michael might have been using a dummy account for his testing. If he was, that was a sign of the professional way to test out “grey” stuff.

If you really want to game MyBlogLog, the tactics mentioned in my “MyBlogLog Plutoed” post do work, but are not entirely ethical.

Jim Kukral has been commenting on Don Dodge’s analysis of the MyBlogLog purchase.

I don’t agree with Don’s figures. I expect MyBlogLog to have 500,000 users within 6 months based on all the positive feedback the service is gaining. I am just one user of MyBlogLog, they already have 2 paid subscriptions from me. Do you know how easy it would be to turn MyBlogLog into a “Social RSS Reader” ?
It is not just the services already available, but those that could be introduced in the future.
As someone mentioned in Don’s comments, IP (Intellectual Property) might also play a huge role in the valuation.

I do have other stats packages running, but hopefully the MyBlogLog stats will improve. One thing I would love is to be able to sort by most recent referral. I have also previously mentioned things like RSS feeds. It is not a major factor now, but it will be in the future.


Loren Baker has a nice overview of the potential synergies between Yahoo and MyBlogLog. It is important to note that MyBlogLog is being kept as a seperate entity. Sure the data will be useful, but I don’t expect total integration unless MyBlogLog themselves decide to do a mashup. Hmm mashup – MyBlogLog could turn into a very useful start page providing its own RSS feeds.

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  1. says

    I think Michael used a dummy account for his experiment, so his real profile won’t show any increases. I believe he got a lot of new contacts and site traffic from the dummy profile.

  2. says

    If that is the case that is very professional. If you are going to experiment with “grey” stuff, it is good not to do it with your real money sites.

  3. says

    Hi, I have been playing with mybloglog and wanted to share something that you may find relevant. I am by no means spamming, so if you need to remove this comment thats cool. On my blog the 3rd article down basically tells you you can make it in the “hot communities” section with little effort. I ran some testing on it, but decided it was time to prove my efforts so I used my personal blog. Basically I made the “hot communities” section in less than 24 hours and it look like its going to keep growing.

  4. says

    You are right Michael, it is possible to game the system and probably always will be.

    Unfortunately getting to the hot communities list doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get the subscribers to go with it.

    I have written quite a bit about MyBlogLog and the real benefits of using it legitimately. Eventually all those communities you join you will be able to do other things with much like a feed reader or maybe a memetracker.

    When those kinds of features get added, maybe by MBL directly or by a 3rd party using an API, then people are going to be selective about the communities they join, and also prune their lists.