Jeff Walker Can Save Us ($1000+ hidden lesson)

Jeff Walker can save us!

This might load a little slowly but it is worth it.

Unfortunately many of Jeffs videos can’t be saved due to new FTC regulations on testimonials and atypical results.

Jeff has been collecting and publishing these testimonials and case studies for over 4 years, ever since Product Launch Formula was first published, and is about to release version 2.3 (and as a customer, I get a free upgrade – amazing customer service)

It is possible to use Jeff’s free content to learn a huge amount about product launches both as a product owner and as an affiliate, and many people have actually launched just using the free stuff.

Here is a direct quote from Jeff

In the past I was able to publish these Case
Studies with the disclaimer that “results are not
typical”… but according to the new FTC rules,
that disclaimer will no longer do.

In order to keep publishing the Case Studies, I
will need to state what results ARE typical.

Unfortunately, the FTC has yet to define how I’m
supposed to measure or declare what’s typical…
and I’m not willing to be a test case.

That means I’ve been forced into a corner… I
can’t see any other course of action other than
pulling down all my Case Studies.

So come December 1st, they will all be going away.

Even before I bought Product Launch Formula, I had all Jeff’s Case Study videos downloaded (I don’t watch stuff online if I can help it) and then saved to DVD. I also have 4 years of emails in my Gmail and also backed up.

My advice would be for you to do the same

This is an affiliate link

Click this link

I get paid if you buy

The $1000+ Hidden Lesson In This Post

Whilst is a great example of viral marketing (though their code could be improved – no thumbnail, no links etc) there is a real lesson to be learned just by clicking the link to Jeff’s landing page.

Look at the URL of the landing page for Jeffs free content and you will see something that I bet 99.9% of Jeffs affiliates (including all the big names) don’t know about.
For anyone who promotes Jeff or anyone else using the same affiliate tracking package that Jeff uses through PPC, or split tests their email marketing campaigns, this lesson could easily be worth $1000s in increased revenue.

More on that tomorrow

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  1. Rick says

    Thanks for this post…

    Due to FTC Regulations many sites lost trust level which their customer get from video testimonials …. but I welcome this regulation as now no one can show fake testimonial video.. have really impressive landing page and I really like their product I am going to buy this thanks for referring.

    • says

      I am a fan too, I have had to work based on European law which is on par or even more stringent in some regards for a while.

      That being said I think the testimonial requirements are a little flawed – typical results isn’t really a very good yardstick due to inaction. Typical results for a diet is that people can’t keep up with it, even if they can see it is working… too many other factors.

    • peter says

      actually,i think brad callen and frank kern’s ecourse are more easily understood,i am trying to master brad callen’s keyword elite ,and try to know a little about jeff walker if i have enough time

  2. says

    (1) What a good, external reason for re-releasing PLF right now.

    As far as I understand case studies need to be much more specific and include external factors as well. However, one question that I did not see addressed anywhere is the scope of the guidelines targeting consumers versus business customers.

    Many of Jeff’s customers are buying as business already are the guidelines relevant in that case? A business customer is usually less protected by law. But maybe that distinction is less helpful in the USA.

    (2) My wife was stunned when I turned her into a “Swedish Star,” but as you said the code could be improved a lot. Compatibility problems with browsers. The facebook sharing feature doesn’t indicate it’s a video, etc.

    And the most important question of all: Does the campaign produce enough registrants (who simply refused to pay at all up to this point). Honestly I doubt it, but would love to see the real figures. I just counted 14 retweets on Twitter per hour, but … outside the real target audience.

    Maybe the makers of this quasi-interactive movie will be the real winners and get some extra jobs that way. :-)

    • says

      One of the things taught in PLF for any launch is to have a reason / story, and FTC crackdown is as good as any.
      The danger point is slippage.

      I was also wondering about the business connection – B2C is a lot more stringent in the UK for example.

      I hope the campaign does work – I suppose that would depend at least a little on the continuing sales process, the offer, sales copy and reduced order friction like with anything online. I am sure it would have gained a lot of media time, and maybe the government in Sweden would have had to pay for airtime… this viral method of distribution is potentially more cost effective depending on dev costs – then again even in Poland an advert can cost $50,000+ to shoot per day just for the crew so costs are relative.

  3. says

    Its hard to keep a good eye on the regulations that the FTC has on business online and off, and thanks for sharing this interesting post about affiliate marketing.

    Just in general, with online marketing it requires a good balance, and Jeff Walker has some really good thoughts on the matter.

  4. Robert says


    In Jeff’s sales letter he promotes that this new and improved version of PLF will work for anyone without a product, without a list. Basically, if you have a clue about how to follow directions this will work for you.

    Is this consistent with your experience with this product?

    I know you have covered this question with the PLF 2.0 launch, but I would like hear if you believe the 2.3 version will close the gap for newbies.

    Thanks for being straight about what you believe.

    • says

      This was easier to respond by email because I was able to use personal direct references.

      There are methods within PLF that can be used to do a launch even if you don’t have your own product… in fact some ways it is better not to have a final product worked out, as it might not have enough hungry buyers. There are special techniques to do product launches as an affiliate.
      Without a list there are ways to get traffic to your offer, and you don’t need a huge amount of people because the “marketing” isn’t really selling at all, as you can see by the material Jeff uses himself.

      One word of warning – PLF is often misconstrued as hype because of the big launches, but in all honesty whilst the financial compensation is nice, affiliates promote Jeff because he delivers outstanding free training material and has helped so many succeed. I have seen many top marketers mail not just disclosed naked affiliate links, but totally direct links to Jeff’s launches in the past.

  5. OweEng2 says

    Hi Andy, thanks for sharing this video. I was wondering if by any chance I can download this video so I can watch it again coz loading it all over again is a pain.

  6. says

    I still don’t understand why there are so many scam products on Clickbank. Are they ever going to do something about those MMO products and super fast weight loss products?

    • says

      At the end of the day Clickbank gives refunds (much easier than many more prominent marketers)

      Ultimately customers should exercise their right to a refund if they didn’t receive value, though my experience with a number of products purchased over the last 4 years is I received value. That being said people have to take action, mileage varies and what I gain as value (something to adapt) might not be the same as someone who needs a full system to follow as they haven’t got a clue.