SEO Blog A List

I am now on the A list of SEO related blogs.

Ok I should really qualify that statement… I am listed under “A” on the TopRank Online Marketing list of SEO related blogs.

What I also know is that while compiling the list, Lee really does spend some time reading the blogs listed. I have noticed him on my MyBlogLog recent visitors list, but also within their tracking.

I actually knew I was going to be included on the list this time round yesterday, without Lee telling me.

MyBlogLog Stats

The exciting news?

A new SEO Meme on Megite

Honestly for the last few days I have been thinking how useless Techmeme is for my reading. I have only passing interest in 2000 stories about CES when they only partially affect my income (niche ideas).
My solution was on Monday I was going to pop to Elance and find someone to create me a script to make my own niche memes, or spend some time finding an existing one. Megite seems to be the perfect answer, and I have a few ideas for other niches.

Lee also mentioned a number of SEO Google Co-Op CSE search engines that have been created based upon his opml file. I hope they update frequently and get used frequently.

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