Neil Patel has been discussing today

What he forgot to mention was the tagometers that were recently introduced by Delicious that you can also add to your blog. I have been testing them on a few niche blogs, and they have proven to be quite effective in encouraging additional clicks.

Additionally important is that the code doesn’t contain any specific references to you or your account anywhere – no footprint, and that it loads relatively fast.

I have decided to add the code to this blog as well based on my testing.

The code is very simple to add to your blog

This adds a nice box to your sidebar

<script src=""></script>

This adds a single line

<script type="text/javascript">
    if (typeof window.Delicious == "undefined") window.Delicious = {};
    Delicious.BLOGBADGE_DEFAULT_CLASS = 'delicious-blogbadge-line';
<script src=""></script>

One bug / annoyance I have noticed is that if you include both on the same page, it seems that data is not completely pulled down for both widgets, which is a shame.

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