Google Adsense Advertising Footprints

Google know who you are, Matt Cutts proves that time after time

Like good webmasters, you might be inclined to register your sites with Google Webmaster Central.


Why do I have to include this (ok that one is fake) junk in my Adsense adverts.

Google doesn’t need it, they know who I am.

It is useful for sites that in some way, with specific permission, are rotating adverts based on who generated the content, but for a niche website owner it offers a footprint that Google doesn’t really need, and is potentially bad for both the site owner and Google.

  • Clickfraud – If someone doesn’t like you for whatever reason, they can find all your sites using Adsense
  • Revealing Niches – do you really want your competitors to know about all your most lucrative niche websites?

It is not as easy to find publisher IDs as it once was, most of the search engines no longer give results for searches that are for Google Adsense publisher IDs, but not every web crawler plays by the rules. I checked Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask for my own personal ID, they no longer give results, though they do for fake ones.

Surely for those sites that have been registered in Webmaster Central, or possibly uniquely registered in the Google Adsense administration panel in a similar manner, publisher IDs could be made a thing of the past.

That should actually be true for all monetization services, not just Google.

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