MyBlogLog Community Meme

There are lots of memes going around, none with an emphasis on social networking, and in particular MyBlogLog. There are lots of people looking to expand their MyBlogLog communities, so this idea has a chance to take off.

Here are some basic rules

1. You have to be in the community you recommend
2. You have to be a subscriber of the blog

Note there are 2 links, the first is to the blog, and the second to the community as noone is going to notice that you linked through to their MyBlogLog community

Andy Beard | Andy Beard’s Community

Here is my list

Andy Beal | Marketing Pilgrim Community
Graywolf’s SEO Blog | Graywolfs SEO Community
A VC | Fred’s A VC Community
Converstations | Mike Sansone’s Community
The RSS Blog | The RSS Blog and KBCafe

Cut and paste code

<a href="">Andy Beard</a> | <a href=""> Andy Beard's Community</a>
<a href="">Andy Beal</a> | <a href="">Marketing Pilgrim Community</a>
<a href="">Graywolf's SEO Blog</a> | <a href="">Graywolfs SEO Community</a>
<a href="">A VC</a> | <a href="">Fred's A VC Community</a>
<a href="">Converstations</a> | <a href="">Mike Sansone's Community</a>
<a href="">The RSS Blog</a> | <a href="">The RSS Blog and KBCafe</a>

It would be appreciated if you link back to those up the chain if one starts, but this is not a requirement. This is for people to avoid the temptation to spam sites where they don’t take part in a community or subscribe to a blog, just to get a link.

For those I haven’t tagged, I am sure someone else will. I am in 100+ communities and most are also in my RSS reader.

I also noticed something else while compiling this list. Due to exceptional growth MyBlogLog now use numbers for the URL to a community (the RSS blog community is brand new), rather than a URL based on a community name. It looks like early adopters will have a certain level of additional prestige.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy, thanks for starting this. FYI, all communities start out with that number code. Authors can change it to a “nickname” which we geekily call a URL Display Name on the Settings page. You must have done yours so long ago you forgot. :)

  2. says

    Promoting the MBL community, I like it. I do factor in those bloggers part of the community when I’m looking to join or add a contact. Whereas many view MBL as popularity, I view it as quality. I’m sure I’m in the minority on that, but I want to be in quality communities … not just the ones with hundreds of members. And your on to it … the new game is inventing the game. Glad I found your work. Thanks.

  3. says

    One of the reasons I started this meme is to bring the highest quality content and best communities to the foreground.

    Today I have already subscribed to more than 20 blogs that I have found due to personal recommendations from my neighbours and readers.

  4. says


    This meme is a great idea. It invites all of us to reward the smart blogs that we read and help them gain new readers. It also allows us to introduce our readers to some great new content and thinking.

    Much like the z-list meme, your idea will work because it is not about us, it’s about us putting the spotlight and offering accolades to people who have already given us value.

    Thanks for thinking of it!