Real WordPress PPC Landing Pages

I am still working on some stuff with dynamic tracking links, but if you are using WordPress for PPC you might also need to think about dynamic content.

I know there are a number of WordPress Themes and plugins that claim they are intended for use with PPC, but they are not going to solve dynamic keyword insertion, and that could have a massive effect on conversion rates & quality score.

Lets face it, the words on the page matter.


With SpeedPPC v3+ Jay came up with a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to use dynamic keyword insertion with your WordPress landing pages. That is real power rather than just fluff.

You can end up with thousands of uniquely targetted landing pages for your PPC campaigns in a matter of minutes.

If you wanted canonical URLs, it wouldn’t be too hard to set things up to use cookies for dynamic insertion along with 301 redirects, though you might need to think about bookmarking and return visits from an alternate machine – people email links to friends, significant other etc.

A technical headache is combining dynamic keyword insertion with something like Google Website Optimizer – it is possible to do it, and whilst I can’t provide a packaged solution yet, I would be happy to share methodology with anyone who picks up PPC Loophole through my affiliate link.
For me working out how to do it was a headsmacking moment, I just need to get a programmer to do some tinkering now.

We are now up to SpeedPPC v4 which Jay is including as part of his PPC Loophole training program.

Jay has been working with Allan Gardyne of for about as long as I can remember, and I have been on the Associate Programs mailing list for as long as I have been marketing online.

They have put together what I think is a remarkable offer for PPC Loophole, as some of the power is hard to realise from a sales page and a few demonstration videos. The demonstration videos however are well worth watching.

They are now offering a limited time $4.95 trial for 7 days, followed by 3 equal payments.

In the past as far as I remember you have always had to pay the full amount up front

7 days isn’t a huge amount of time to test things, but it is certainly enough to make a solid purchase decision – in addition you still have a solid 30 days guarantee from a company that has been around as long as Google (since 1998) with a reputation for phenominal support and honesty.

The biggest negative aspect of the whole product is that they are using an affiliate module in Amember, so I couldn’t work out a way to do any kind of specific conversion tracking at least short term.

Disclosure: Jay is one of my readers and I have admired his success for a number of years – he kindly provided me with a review sample and I have used affiliate links throughout this post.

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