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I love being the catalyst that encourages some level of convergence between different web 2.0 platforms. Actually this is the first time it has happened with web 2.0, but it has happened for me in other topic areas.

It looks like Megite have joined MyBlogLog

mybloglog megite

megite mybloglog 2

megite community member

Actually Megite would be a great purchase for someone very soon, probably more so than Digg in many ways.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    I learned of your site via Mike Sansone (of http://www.converstations.com), and must say that I am impressed with your design. How did you get the snowflakes to fall of the pages?

    Also, do you have any tips between WordPress vs. Blogger? The latter seems more user-friendly to me.

    One other thing: how did you get the CO Comment to attach to the comment box?


    Happy Blogging!

  2. says

    Hi Jean

    One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it is Open Source, and that most of the plugins, or code enhancements for WordPress are also Open Source.

    That mean that they are free to use, and also free to modify.

    The Snowflakes are a good example. I grabbed the code from DynamicDrive.com, and then created a plugin for use with WordPress, that is free to download on http://wpplugins.info

    I am not a designer, I just play around a little. The theme I use is blog.txt although I do play around with certain parts of it.

    I must admit I started off on Blogger and I still have some blogger sites.
    I couldn’t honestly recommend it to anyone now, unless they are creating “feeder” sites to a central business presence on the internet.

    WordPress is a little technical, but the rewards of using WordPress over other platforms are well worth the time invested.