Has Mike Filsaime Flipped His Lid? (& how I screwed up)

Yesterday I spent a little time trying to explain to a relative layman the difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA.

Both are performance marketing, the people sending the traffic get paid if someone takes a specific action.

Affiliate networks often carry offers which are effectively the same as CPA – email submits, trial offers etc.

I highlighted that you can buy Acai Berry products on Amazon, and then compared it to a few more aggressive landing pages currently advertising on Google using review offers etc.

Mike Filsaime – 7 Figure Code

Mike Filsaime is relaunching his 7 Figure Code promotion and this time around he is doing it “CPA Style” – I think it would be wrong to delve into all the financial details and a little complex but for anyone promoting it is a very generous offer, especially for smaller affiliates.

Flipped His Lid?

CPA has risk, because quite often you are making a payout to an affiliate before potential refund requests and problems with credit cards – there is often a higher level of fraud when processing.
Mike will certainly have done his homework and he knows his previous conversion rates on both the front end and back end offers. So he is taking a calculated risk.

Another risk he is taking is declaring a break from information marketing – software in many ways has much more associated risk, especially within the Web 2.0 space such as he is attempting with Tweetglide. That being said he has some really solid services like PayDotCom that need his attention.

Here is that link again for 7 Figure Code – I think bloggers especially will learn a lot about sales process and it would be a great resource for startups who haven’t worked out how to monetize their websites and membership lists.

From an affiliate point of view, I really wish this promotion had a tracking system suitable for CPA offers with some way to get live sales reporting at a keyword level.


Have you ever just totally screwed up an affiliate promotion?
Yesterday I posted the wrong links with the wrong screenshots and sent people to the wrong landing page.

It is my fault that I dropped the ball, but I am trying to think of ways to prevent this happening on my own promotions. Affiliate backends which contain multiple products mistakes can happen.

One thing I have noticed, if affiliate launch instructions are mainly in video form, I haven’t always got time to watch them, and most often I will just skip the promotion totally.
I also don’t necessarily like PDFs as browsing them inline often does nasty things to browsers, and something downloaded is going to be cast aside for later reading… and later never happens.

Some suggestions

1. Screenshots & words in a blog format of every stage
2. if it is PDF, use a flash based PDF viewer inline
3. If it is a powerpoint, again use a flash based powerpoint viewer

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  1. says

    Hey Andy, I’ve read on Russell’s blog that he did a LOT of money with his recent butterfly marketing promo, so the man knows his numbers.

    the Body Guard

    • says

      I am sure Mike does know his numbers very well, but that is for sales calculated after a refund period – some CPA is like that as well, but a lot of times, as Mike is doing, that is all calculated into the payout based upon percentages.
      The numbers will work based upon normal expected conversion and refund rates, but not if it gets abused with stolen credit cards as happens with CPA offers.

  2. Keller says

    So Andy,

    I thought Mike was the king of knowing his numbers. So you think he tried this in some testing before releasing it? I guess you would probably have been in on it if he did.

    I agree his paydotcom could use some work. It is very clunky to move around in and he is always trying to sell me something. The popups can sure get in the way at times.


  3. Write Rich says

    Andy, I agree with what Keller had to say. PayDotCom could be one of the giants (like PayPal) if the user interaction does not give way to a “would you like fries with that” experience.

    Once you are an Internet marketer, it is hard to skin that and evolve into a VC mindset. Mike can do better. We affiliates, depend on it.