Blog Success & Affiliate Tracking (pt2)

I love teasing Jack Humphrey as in many ways it is like the student testing his new prowess on the master that taught him. I learnt a lot from Jack in my early days and whilst when I first started online I couldn’t afford to join his then “Authority Site Center” that still didn’t prevent me emulating many of the systems that they had in place.

I even promote his launches sometimes without using an affiliate link just because I feel like it such as his recent launch of The Twitter Method.


He has also finally overtaken me in the SERPs for the rankings for the predecessor of the course he is now running, Social Power Linking – I still get search traffic on that term.


He effectively gets that traffic for free as well as I just didn’t get around to changing the links.

Such is the longevity of blog content.

Jack currently has the latest incarnation of his blogging and social media training launching – he is a damn good teacher.

This is a raw affiliate link to Jacks course… Blog Success but I want to discuss this affiliate link with you a little.

This is an Infusionsoft tracking link – a while back they introduced a way to have a redirect script on your own domain, but very few affiliate launches use this method.

The parameters

w=product code
p=affiliate ID

Now the advert part is very interesting

In Infusionsoft it looks like you have to manually define these one at a time, but in fact you can define them on the fly


However ideally as an affiliate from a blog or landing page you would want to use a much cleaner link such as

Lets add to the confusion that you might also be driving traffic to a blog using Speed PPC as I wrote about earlier and it is obvious there are some technical hurdles to getting effective tracking working with blogs & landing pages.

Paid or Free Traffic Source
>> Landing page
>> Set cookie based upon keywords
>> Modify page using SpeedPPC using keywords
>> Modify cloaking page to read cookies or parameters if cookies are off
>> Write data to custom database
>> Create tracking link with tracking software on the fly based upon parameters used
>> possibly still have a fully cloaked paged rather than just a redirect using iframes etc.
>> potentially jump through some double meta redirects, javascript & iframes to hide traffic source or other funky stuff.

This side of things is relatively easy, the problem comes with Infusionsoft when dealing with multiple products, multiple sales paths, different prices and quite frequently 5-10 different landing pages for one launch.
The tracking can become a royal mess, and there is no current way to export the data for affiliates.

Back To Jack & The Buzzworm Earth Blog

I have no idea where he came up with the name of that blog from, just another demonstration of how creative Jack is.


That is a screenshot from 1 of 4 free training vidoes you can watch right now without even having to give jack your email address.

Notice in the screenshot Zemanta – they have recently opened up their service to more blogs, which is going to make Jack’s system of generating $9000/month turbo-charged.
I have no idea how typical thoughs results are, but I regard Jack as an atypical trainer.

Here is another affiliate link

All affiliate links in this article come with 99.9% uptime SLA to take you through to Jack’s offer and potentially make me some money.

p.s. Jack has a $1 for 7 days trial


Here is a direct link to the free training resources Jack provided in a run up to his relaunch of Blog Success


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  1. Låna says

    My apologies if this is a bit off-topic but in that WordPress screenshot above, what plugin is used on the text editor? Also the other plugin on the right side, is that Zemanta or Zomanta. I can barely read it from the blurry image. Thanks!