Google Pagerank updates are weird

I am sure lots of webmasters are monitoring their pagerank updates currently, and sometimes how they happen can be quite weird. The toolbar representation doesn’t mean much for search traffic, as the pagerank stored on the datacenters is always up to 3 months ahead of that dispalyed in the toolbar. It is however useful for monetization in various ways, and an ego thing, as I pointed out in my first article on the recent Pagerank updates.

I have been monitoring some of my new and old domains, both those on public display and various niche sites. This was especially important to me because of some of the redirecting I had to do to this new domain from and It was also relevant for my WordPress Plugins site because that had previously been PR5, but when I changed the domain over because of the WordPress Trademark, that was lost.

Things I have noticed this time round

It seems the internal pages of are starting to gain some toolbar pagerank, such as this page on Nofollow which is showing PR4
My Google Reader post that enjoyed some link love from a number of notable blogs (though most didn’t agree with me) had been showing in the Google Webmaster Console as being the highest PR page on my site for both November and December. That is now PR4 as well.
In theory I should be seeing some PR showing on the WordPress Trademark discussion, but nothing shows.

It is strange that Google thinks this post on Paid Links is my highest pagerank page. Yes it has been linked to, but nowhere near as much internally compared to other pages, and externally it was linked to, but again, not a huge amount.

google webmaster pagerank

On the bright side, my WordPress Plugins site has regained its pagerank of PR5. Internal pages are not quite up to date yet. I noticed for instance that my tags page has PR, but categories and individual tags do not. The same is true of most of the admittedly few content pages on the site.

Matt Cutts in the comments regarding the Pagerank Updates has stated it is worth waiting for a few days to see how things develop before blowing alarm whistles. Matt is on holiday for a week, so I will wait at least that long before saying anything.

This site seems to ping-pong out of the SERPs for various terms, one day in the top 3, the next buried down 10 or more pages, for relatively solid content with in-bound links.
I recently talked about meta refresh, and that Google seem to be following them. It almost seems that one day they are giving me benefit, only for it to become some kind of invisible penalty the next. If I could upgrade my blogger account I could probably get a more permanent redirect setup.

Why am I monitoring Pagerank so closely?

Currently this blog is setup for some massive ball linking. Pagerank is dispersed extensively on every page. That being said, I also cultivate my links, rather than hoarding. People leaving comments gain a backlink as do people kind enough to link to some of my content.
I certainly need to improve all my archive and tag pages, and get a real sitemap setup.

I have other linking structure alternatives planned in the near future, hopefully all automated. Hopefully front page pagerank on this blog will start at PR5, one Google have juggled things a little.

Update: I stopped updating and let the registration lapse so removed links

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  1. says

    The Pr update is not finished now. But these days google is performing very strange than usual. There are many discussions in the digitalpoint forum.

  2. says

    Atleast for my sites and blog, this time google job seems to be done. And for my blog url also Google have not given any PR, even though 3 of my internal pages have been given PR of 4, and few of them have got PR3. The very strange experience was when i saw my uncompleted website got PR of 4. The site have litreally no inbound-links, with almost no SEO done.
    Next when I reviwed my profile pages, again most of them have PR of 4-5. Again these pages are linking to my blog only, the is not given any PR.
    I have reviwed so many new sites/blog of my friends, one of whoose new blog ( 4 months older than mine ) have been awarded PR5. Many conclusions can be drawn, I would do a poston this some time when picture gets more understandable.
    Divya Uttam

  3. says

    Why do you had to move from a word blog with PR to a own domain? Why did you not forecast the traffic and the publicity and move early??


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