Paid Reviews Hots Up enters the payed posts arena joining Pay Per Post and Reviewme. In many ways continuing a review model that has been around for more than 5 years. I read it first on Techcrunch, but looks like Blog Herald got the scoop.

I am blatantly going to copy down the full list of features from their blog, because these things tend to change over time, and also it is “due diligence”. I wouldn’t want to miss something out that was important, such as them requiring disclosure.

  1. Lower Transaction Fees – Our transaction fees will be much lower then Reviewme, which means more money for the blogger and more affordable pricing for the advertisers.
  2. Search for Both Publishers and Advertisers – Advertisers can search for publishers and publishers can search for advertisers.
  3. Automated Rating System – Our rating system will make it easy to find high quality blogs.
  4. Bidding System – Advertisers and publishers can negotiate pricing
  5. Manual Pricing – Bloggers will be able to set their own prices. Our system will make recommendations based on our automated ratings system, but bloggers will be able to choose their own price.
  6. Full Disclosure Required – We take our responsibility very seriously.
  7. Tag Based Organization – Our interface is well organized and easy to use.
  8. Quality Standards – Our minimum standards for bloggers will insure that only quality blogs are allowed into our system.
  9. Customer Service – We will have dedicated live support available during business hours.
  10. Large Base of Advertisers – 360 Enterprises, Inc. currently serves thousands of businesses, which will be hot to purchase reviews from our bloggers.
  11. Service Oriented Model – Our large staff will be actively working with advertisers and bloggers to maximize their exposure.
  12. Bi-Weekly Payouts – Get paid fast! Most of our competitors payout monthly.

I have done one paid review on this blog, for Search Engine Glossary. I pointed out in that review that anyone asking for a review at that time would be doing well, because the stats hadn’t updated based on my then traffic rated by Alexa, and my subscriber numbers.
The numbers used in ReviewMe are still the same 1 month later. My subscriber numbers and Alexa rating are constantly increasing.
One of the big advantages of this new service (other than the larger piece of the pie for bloggers), is being able to set your own price or negotiate.
I am also wondering whether the service will be suitable for niche websites rather than blogs.

It should also be noted I am an advocate of disclosure in many ways having spent a lot of time and money developing my disclosure policy plugin.

Update: Todd wrote about this as well earlier – important point is that the developers are the same guys behind – that means they know the business extremely well, and have an established advertiser base, in many ways just like Reviewme. You can be fairly sure that they are going to be very reliable in payment, which is often a worry when dealing with unknowns.
Update 2: Andy Beal mentioned Sponsored Reviews. Notice how he handles disclosure of his relationship with TLB, and he is one of the few top bloggers in this space that has some form of disclosure policy on his site.
Now if Andy was using my Disclosure Policy Plugin (he is one of the few that have looked at it), he would be able to set it up so that in reference to Pay Per Post or ReviewMe, he would have something like.

Pay Per Post is a competitor to Sponsored Reviews launched on 1/15/07. Sponsored Reviews parent company is a sponsor of this blog with their Text Link Brokers service

Maybe something like that isn’t necessary yet, but what happens if next month they are looking to have adverts for Sponsored Reviews appearing on pages mentioning competitors.

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    I like to make comparisons among prices when searching for reviews. Some sites list their reviews for lower prices on some sites.