What Kind Of Soap Gets Your Hands Clean?

Organic or a bunch of chemical?

Lye soap or made from potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide etc?

Vegetable oil or animal fat?

Hot or cold process?

Mixed with titanium, nickel, aluminium or silver?

Sand, pumice or some kind of more modern substance for exfoliation?

Just perfumed? Essential oils? Plant extracts?

I doubt you will find much of the technical details about soap manufacture on product labels or the purpose of ingredients.

There are real differences in ingredients used, but the biggest difference is the marketing & packaging.

If something is sold as soap there is a high chance it will get your hands clean.

The soap that gets your hands clean is the one you actually use

It is also quite likely if an affiliate set up a website to sell $0.40 bars of traditional soap they wouldn’t make much of a living from it. (I have no idea of prices in the US/UK for the cheapest bars of soap)
The same would be true for eCommerce unless you were selling wholesale or came up with a compelling way of mass marketing… or had insane conversions.

What Internet Marketing Product/Strategy Works?

  • Services with significant lock-in – hosting, shopping carts & autoresponders
  • Subscription based essential tools – for SEO people that is some kind of keyword & link management package that increase productivity and improve client reporting.
  • Micropayments – e.g. Facebook games
  • Advertising platforms
  • Tools/scripts/themes/plugins on a pay once basis
  • Various paid & free content strategies

One question I have always had is can you provide content for free that people will then pay for anyway because they find it useful.

  • Do you need scarcity?
  • Do you need to paywall most content?
  • Can added value be added in other ways?

I am not exactly talking a freemium model.

Cory Doctorow seems to be able to monetize his novels effectively whilst allowing free download for non-commercial use.

Radiohead famously allowed people to “pay what they want” for downloads of a new album, though that was a limited offer and the album was finally released at a later date with a lot of success.

A huge chunk of the value of my friend Dave’s SEO Training Dojo are the blog posts that are available for free, though there is additional value in the forums, enhanced guides, the 24/7/365 chat on Skype and the weekly organized guest experts.

There are also alternative ways to monetize content through things like consulting – in fact in many cases that could be looked on as the mainstream method of blog monetization. In this case the content is more a loss-leader than an intrinsic part of the offer.

Blogs can be leveraged to promote conferences and get togethers that are commercial in nature – conferences don’t have to be expensive or be a pitchfest to offer great value for visitors & presenters (and still have a ROI for the organiser). A good example is Think Visibilty (Leeds 4th September)

If you can offset the cost of marketing with social influence, the price you charge (after cost of goods/services) is then frequently determined by how much money you want to make and how large an audience segment you can reach.

Going to have some fun soon. I love experimentation.

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  1. NDM says

    Good point. But this applies to almost every product we buy. Competition isn’t so much about quality at all, only marketing – doubly so with products where quality isn’t so easy to measure, like soap.

  2. says

    What kind of soap gets my hand clean…the kind that is on hand..er..near the sink, or something. I guess it is the same for other products or for successful marketing? I’ll use something when it visible to me. With so many products out there, quality doesn’t matter as much as getting the consumers to see or notice the product.

  3. says

    Product and brands go hand in hand especially in affiliate marketing. What makes brand x soap better then brand y, in all reality probably nothing, but our job as internet marketers is to create the perception and branding as a “must have” product so that the consumer will whip out their card and buy. As you said scarcity and value are 2 of the best ways to develop this inside a potential consumer and a great thing to remember as you build and develop sites. Thanks

  4. says

    Idea interesting, though and not the new. In trade in soap very big competition. It is better to search for other niche for the E-commerce.