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Further to my post on MyBlogLog tricks, Michael Jenson of SoloSEO has announced some very neat tools for comparing MyBlogLog communities.

I love how his blog post ends

If Yahoo/MyBlogLog is reading this, these tools would be great to implement as a part MyBlogLog. All we ask is for 1% of your acquisition price or a free trip to Yahoo headquarters.

It actually leads onto an interesting concept

Promotion and Ownership

Affiliates quite often promote services for quite a small chunk of the turnover and might be getting a raw deal.
Should the affiliates who help create the next Google Ebay or Amazon receive a piece of the pie?

Extending MyBlogLog?

There is no API support for MyBlogLog, but with Yahoo working with them, there is a good chance that situation won’t last too long.

I think there is a high possibility that additional 3rd party widgets might come about that work on extracted MyBlogLog information (ok effectively scraped content). I am not sure whether this is something that might be encouraged, or if it might be deterred.

Would such 3rd party widgets be good or bad for MyBlogLog, and the MyBlogLog community?

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  1. says

    Andy, great posts about MyBlogLog, I’ve enjoyed your blog in the recent weeks. Thanks for mentioning the Missing MyBlogLog Tools. A comment to our announcement just came from one of the owners/admins of MyBlogLog, so the tools are on their radar. :)

    Nice blog!

  2. says

    Hmmm … are 3rd party plug-ins good for WordPress? Bring on all the widget fun and I think MBL would agree (I hope they do). Isay let those with skill and passion, contribute, and those with need, use!