ExitFire – Is Exit Fire A Pending Blogrush Disaster?

I was actually quite supportive of John Reese’s Blogrush experiment. It was spammed to death, the quality of the network went downhill rapidly, people clicked the adverts a lot less, and the targeting system was a bit of a longshot.

Lets face it, Google does a pretty good job with advertising tageting, especially all those Acai berry, colon cleaning, IMVU and flash games, plus the occasional Chitika ad with Darren Rowse that end up showing as remnant ads.
Google can only monetize a percentage of traffic effectively, and lots of traffic doesn’t click ads.

If you have a landing page for a product, then in most cases an exit pop with some kind of special offer, or page switch to another offer is a very popular option.

But what happens if you just have a blog on general stuff?
What happens if you have a huge site that brings in lots of traffic about “stuff” but you would much prefer to receive traffic than rely on Google for reventue, then somehow use that revenue to buy traffic, just feeding Google all the time.

Advertising Credits

Exit Fire has some kind of multilevel referral system and ad traffic swap.

Exit Fire Scam

There doesn’t seem to be any quality control, but maybe there is an army of outsourced workers in the Philippines – there is nothing wrong with the Philippines, I have recently hired a programmer there, I just know that Russell Brunson has or had a lot of staff there.

I can’t rip the math of this apart, or even defend it, as there is not enough information provided in the vague video on the landing page.

Multilevel Matrix Scam

This is multilevel marketing that will never get to level 10 – I doubt anyone using Blogrush had referrals beyond level 6 or 7 – mine only went 5 deep.

The service has to be of value even without referrals, but at least it is targeting people who are exiting your site, and it isn’t blocking external links, just people who have already gone.

Exit Pops

The problem with these exit pops is they are rarely worded clearly

Exit Pop - ExitFire

Someone has just tried to close a tab and this pops up…

Which button takes you to the partner page and which lets them take the action they wanted to do (close the tab) ?

It is never obvious…

Actions which cause a popup include closing a tab, the back button and a Stumble button – maybe other bookmarking plugins etc.

Junk Traffic

I don’t believe they are going to bring targeted traffic… I just don’t… at least not for niche sites, unless they have humans in the background allocating traffic.

Say for my blog on worm juggling (juggling.. not farming)…. ok yes I am kidding about the niche… kinda ;)

Your general bizop type traffic isn’t going to be targeted.

But say you have a site with lots of untargeted traffic and you wanted to arbitrage that into more valuable traffic… I can see a huge benefit, especially if you have a high bounce rate with TONS of traffic, and something you want to target in a biz op niche elsewhere, maybe even an affiliate link (there was no mention of whether you can use aff links)

Multiple Sites & Spam

I don’t think Russell has learnt very much from John Reese’s experience, other than to make money on the front end as this will possibly burn out very quickly…

The ideal setup is to have lots of untargetted visitors be shown an exit popup to a high quality landing page, or a site which is stuffed full of so much malware the average computer will grind to a halt in a frozen state of activex overload.

It is quite possible to “bait & switch” as well.

I can see an Exit Fire infestation on the horizon unless there is proactive monitoring of every site on an ongoing basis.

If you are going to use this, ensure you send traffic to a suitable landing page, not necessarily a squeeze page.

Make sure you track your results such as


(that isn’t a suatable landing page currently, it is just an example)

At the moment I don’t fully trust their traffic stats, I will need to take a look at my server logs, but I am already seeing referral traffic. It is at the expense of annoying regular visitors, thus I will have to work out a technical solution to fix that if someone else doesn’t.


I slapped it on… I even upgraded (the downsell)… as an affiliate as far as I know you don’t get any money for referrals, only traffic.

There is a high chance I will now receive at least one phone call trying to sell me something as they have my phone number… something to bare in mind if you do buy the upsell.

This is a referral link, I might gain some additional traffic to some of my sites if you use it, but as far as I know no financial compensation.


Do I recommend it?

For many niche sites, at this stage not at all.

I really wish there was a lot more information about how the credit system works, and the targeting system if there is one other than someone in the background assigning a category with enough traffic.

If I get the code on a site with a few million visitors a month, will ExitFire even have the inventory to send that traffic somewhere targeted?

I also wish there was more info on the abuse mechanisms, as I would hate someone leaving my site and landing on a malware site that had been referred to as my “partner” in the previous popup, that suggests some kind of vetting.

Hopefully more information will become available, but this is a service that could offer a suitable traffic arbitrage system for many sites who could use a way to leverage lots of traffic into quality referrals.


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  1. says

    I am currently upgrading my main site and the info you got here got me thinking. I do want to have targeted traffic and revenue. Let us know if you have more info. Thanks for this post!

  2. says

    I went to a party tonight and my wife made the mistake telling someone I had a internet business.
    Next thing I knew was I was in a conversation with a believer in this Trump MLM thing that has been around for about a year. Anyway I help small and medium sized businesses using long tail phrases but this gal was so sold on competing for a biz opp spot on front page google and though I tried to reason with her about the impossibility of such a mission she wasn’t really interested in listening to anything I had to say. Is there some way this new thing could actually help the general biz opp person?????

  3. says

    Personally I never liked any Exit Pop Up. They are real interruption marketing, but I would not be supprised to find marketers with stats showing they have increased sales.

  4. says

    Hey Andy, it was sad to hear what happened with Blogrush, I saw John leave twitter not so long ago, I am sure that he is trying to lay low whilst the dust clears. With Exit Fire, the only real way to tell how effective this service is would be to hear back from you a month or two down the track. Personally, I would love to hear what effect this service has had on you, whether or not it is worth the time and cost etc etc.

  5. says

    This could work in the opposite way as you have rightly mentioned it.
    There has to be a ‘time testing’ phase before I would at least choose to have this.
    No wonders that I would hate my site or the visitors to my site being spammed,hacked or what not !

  6. says

    I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have seen many traffic schemes come and go. Back in 2008, Entrecard was huge and I didn’t think that there would be much sustain, but it’s still around if not as effective or popular.

    There’s been a litany of other ‘click for traffic’ sites like linkreferral, traffic G, and others. Most of these are so riddled with spam, that you would have to be insane to bother.

    I think I submitted a site to blogrush, but then never used it, so I don’t remember much about how it worked. Was it some form of click for traffic?

    From my experience, the single best source of traffic is free. It’s called Google News. However, to qualify, sites typically need more than a single author and some form of organization behind the website.

  7. says

    Jake, I can relate to your problem. I do a bit of optimalization myself and whenever I tell people, I can’t get a normal conversation. The only thing I now tell them, is that I’m a plumber(joking, did it one time though).
    But I can’t figure out how this system works, and if it works as they’re telling it. A friend of mine signed up for exitfire, but he doesn’t get a lot of traffic, atleast not for now, he has it for a few weeks.
    However, I still don’t get the point of referring people to sites, that they don’t want to visit. Of course it generates traffic, but I wonder if that is the only thing your after on your website?

  8. says

    1) like just about any network marketing scheme, the early adopters and big fish will get an opportunity to get a good deal at the expense of the masses who don’t really understand how these things work. Then it fades into oblivion where it belongs…

    2) The idea of swapping traffic for traffic is a conundrum. Why would a good marketer who knows their niche and metrics prefer to swap traffic with random persons rather than either swap with a known person for quality control, or perhaps even better yet, just use a regular exit script for *your own purposes* send them to a squeeze page, a special offer, an affiliate offer, another one of your sites, whatever…

    Point is, people who know what they are doing will almost always do better controlling their own exit traffic than swapping it with random sites through a service such as this.

    Just like at a poker table, if you don’t know who the “fish” is, then it’s probably you.

    3) If Reese couldn’t do it…

    • says

      There are many wheels within wheels with that arguement

      Why would anyone promote an affiliate product when they could create their own?
      Why would anyone have any advertising on their site other than for their own products?
      If you know the lifetime value of a lead over 4 years, why not just create your own CPA offers in any niche whatsoever?

      Of course you should in that scenario be able to gt an infinate anount of financing.

      Even Demand Media who is lauded as a huge content making machine filling up the SERPs with junk still uses Adsense. If they slapped on an exit pop targetted for every page they create to sell a product or join a list they would probably make more money.

      In theory I could create spammy websites faster than I could work out how to monetize them.

      I have seen 500 visits so far, mostly from bonus credits… but it doesn’t seem like real traffic – the site sending the visits has people stuck in an endless loop such that they don’t even see the sites when they click to do so, thus somehow gaining a long stream of credits to maybe spend how they like.

  9. says

    Quality control would be a major concern of mine with this kind of traffic program. If the exit pop represents the destination as a “partner site,” as you point out, the the quality of that partner site will reflect on your brand.

    Does the Exit Fire program have filters in place for things like mature, suggestive, gambling? What about language? Malware is probably the worst as it can have a huge impact on the impacted party and, by extension, your brand.

    Malware at the destination that perpetrates impression and click fraud can have tremendous negative effects. I know from my experience selling performance advertising.

    Maybe I am overly conservative, but in my career, I have always used the word partner very carefully for this reason.

  10. says

    I can’t think of a single way of justifying that exit popup. If someone’s clicked off your site, it’s because they’re not buying whatever you’re selling.

    Doing the online equivalent of grabbing them by the ankles and sobbing probably won’t help matters at all.

  11. says

    I put this on one of my sites when he first posted out for it.
    I have had around 1,000 views to an optin page from it and have had a few subscribers to my list from it but as Alex Goad said above is it worth sending someone else traffic that I could be using by using my own exit splash script.

    The idea is a very good one but if I remembered which site I put it on I would remove it :-)
    and replace it with the one I had that worked a lot better for gaining subscribers and income.

  12. says

    Thank you for your honesty. Have been checking on Exit Fire’s viability and I’m glad to have read your thoughts about it. Will probably do some experimenting myself. Thanks again

  13. says

    Many people are just crashed on the bottom in such pyramid schemes. Top referrers eat the cream.. for a while until the system is closed after the scheme market becomes full and everyone starts leaving.. Anyway, I will give a try..

  14. says

    Some good tips here – no software, no bot, no nothing will ever be as good of quality as work done by people who understand the industry and how the technology works tho. Like the exit popups – a great idea, try and catch them before they leave right? Well, yeah thats a great idea and all but if you design it like the example in this post people are going to run like mad – it LOOKS like spam/virus content! Use a little bit of code, take a little bit of time, make that exit pop up look decent and who knows you might get some impulse response – hell put a short contact form in it, nobody wants to go back or click through just to be hassled.

    Good writing! Good article! Excelsior!

  15. says

    Even as someone who’s just starting out in this, it doesn’t make any sense. If I work that hard to drive traffic to my site, any pop-up should keep them on one of my properties.

    While the exchange of exit traffic can work…i.e. webrings and porn sites, why would I give traffic I’ve bled to get to a random source? And you’re right about sending stuff to malware sites. Who’d trust you after that?

  16. says

    I don’t think the traffic from these services is legit if you are trying to target a specific market. I think you have to build customers legitamately through hard work and white hat SEO tactics. Goolge will continue to punish those who do not play by their rules.

  17. says

    personally, I hate those exit pops as a visitor. And the way that they are usually set up is a little deceitful – like they are trying to be tricky.
    I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I love my NoScript add-on so much… ; )

    • says

      Noscript can be useful, but can also break a lot of sites that require it.

      Lots of this site will soon require javascript to get best value.

  18. says

    I heard from a fellow networker the ExitFire was a great resource. I honestly hadn’t researched it much than ran across this post. I am not so sure how I feel about Exit Fire. Not sounding very appealing at this point.

    I usually am more focused on SEO and Web 2.0 as testing has indicated in my niche to have a much higher response. But if you could post a later review would love to hear ending results.

    As always I immensely enjoy your information.

  19. says

    Hi Andy,

    Glad you’re looking into this.

    The thing that struck me on watching the original videos was the claim of 200,000 hits per day. That would put each ExitFire site somewhere in the top few hundred sites on the web trafficwise wouldn’t it?

    Just didn’t add up. Rather like saying if everyone in your downline bought your cookies it would add up to some figure closes to the annual sales of Nabisco. Not gonna happen.


    • says

      I have a lot to learn, but I hate those exits pops as much as I would someone grabbing my shirt as I tried to leave a store. Still, I can do things I hate if they work. I hope you will follow it and let us know what results you get in the future. So far the mistakes I’ve made have set me back enough to make me very wary about trying something untested.

  20. says

    Hi Andy although this product offer so many upside sad to say I’m still not sold, hope you can update on this topic if it did do some good to you.

  21. says

    So glad I found your refreshingly forthright blog. It’s like having a favorite uncle who gives you the facts of life when no one else will. I have tried generating traffic through contests. This traffic is slightly more qualified than schemes like ExitFire because at least they know where they’re going and when they’ve arrived…

    • says

      Hi Charleen, I try my best to tell things straight.

      It is hard to generate traffic to a store but you need to vary your keyword targeting a little, and maybe work to boost CTR and trust, such as an emphasis on things like your free shipping.

      Test terms to target and headlines through adwords, split test to boost conversions.

  22. says

    I guess all these are just their own tactic of driving traffic to their sites. For me, I cannot really blame them. But I agree, google does a good job with there quality control.

  23. Albert Ft. says

    While they might be getting thousands of visitors, I can guarantee that none of those visitors actually do squat on their website. I can imagine their bounce rates for their websites. Anyways, I’d rather have 500+ unique views that actually get me a couple of sales, clicks, or whatever compared to the thousands that don’t do anything.

    You can tell that websites full of spam by just clicking the X button on your tab. Once that Javascript pop-up came on my page, I clicked the hell outta there :p


    • says

      You mean a bit like that CPA Lead junk on your site that can’t even be fully read on a Laptop screen so you alienate a chunk of your audience

  24. says

    Well first off I actually did read you comment policy … I am intrigued by a lot of your insights and frankly am just starting out. Monetizing a site properly (without the usual junk enhancement schick is my wish.(is there really a way to do this?) I will dig though your posts. I have a few decent domains but without advice tips such as yours I know I would be fumbling constantly.

  25. says

    I have placed the ExitFire popup on 10 of my smaller sites, which are basically my helper sites and don’t make me any money directly. However, they do have constant traffic, so I’ll see how that turns out. I will only experiment the FREE part of the system, because I really have no real interest in upgrading.

    • says

      As others suggest you are better off not using it on quality sites, or using something like it that drives traffic to your own offers

  26. says

    I really do hate exit pop ups and tend to never visit those sites again, not to say that for some site it will work. If your goal is to convert traffic and you don’t care about building repeat visitors, it would work for you.

  27. says

    I love this post….I hate exit pop ups and I certainly agree with some of the other readers. When they come up while you’re leaving a site it kind of makes you feel like you are being pushed…I don’t think most people like pushy.

  28. says

    Well… it sounds like there isnt a lot of info about it. And like you said, what happens when a visitor redirects to a malicious site? Well, that visitor will hold YOU accountable. And even a regular visitor will probably avoid a good site because they believe they had a relationship.

  29. Dekel Day says

    Exit popup seem to hijack my computer and as you say – it is never clear enough which button to press to release the hostages..
    It is one of the most violent behaviors on the net. I know of a competitor site dealing with mortgages that blocks the whole page when you try to leave the only option is to close the browser !
    What on earth do they think ? when they place such exit popup pages ?

  30. says

    Hey Andy, what’s up?

    Really great blog post!

    I’m just getting started out with marketing and blogging but I agree with most of what you said here. Especially about pop-ups being unclear.

    Anyways, thanks for the useful information!

    Darren L Carter

  31. says

    Exit pops just suck, period. They only get traffic by confusing people — a remnant of the late 90’s web. Pop overs, although equally annoying, are more times clear in their instructions. In all cases though I think it is bad marketing (although it does work — just not for conversions) to try and catch someone when they are about to leave. They only way I really think it is effective is when someone is about to abandon their shopping cart and you make a last ditch effort with perhaps a discount or some new offer.

  32. says

    Your views are spot on. I especially cannot stand exit pops and tend to never revisit the sites that use them.

  33. says

    Great post, very informative. Completely agree with the “exit pops” thing.

    To be honest, after reading your post, I want to try ExitFire now -even though this review is not all positive. Curiosity killed the cat -I guess…

    I was just wondering, why would you place your referral links here (twice) if you’re not really getting anything out of it?

  34. says

    Exit pops make any website look spammy, They scream I’m out to get your money! I have tried using a similar exit pop script on a few of my landing pages without any success. I have also tried Traffic Regenerator which is a similar technique; it uses a peel on the top corner of the page. I think these types of methods to monetise traffic are only going to work for a few niches where the type of customers visiting the sites are not very educated in internet commerce. Possibly the very dodgy make money only products? <–I don’t promote these.