Polish Internet In Mourning For Countrymen

Barry is normally the one who covers when search engines change their livery for special occasions, but he doesn’t live in Poland so I have taken it upon myself to record Poland mourning their lost President & fellow countrymen on the Internet.

Poland is in a week of mourning until midnight 18th April 2010.

Major Search Engines


Google Mourning


Bing mourning

Major Polish Internet Portals


Onet Mourning

Wirtualna Polska

Wirtualna Polska mourning


Gazeta.pl mourning


INTERIA.PL mourning

Major TV Stations


TVP mourning


(a Polsat founder died in the crash)

Polsat mourning


TVN mourning

Social Networks

Just changes in header/backgrounds to a more subdued tone

Nasza Klasa

Nasza Klasa Mourning


Blip mourning

Sadly social networking sites that pretend to have a Polish presence such as Facebook and Linkedin didn’t follow suit.

All thumbnails link to larger versions on these screenshots of Polish Internet sites in mourning with subdued grey tones to pay respect to their lost leader and countrymen.

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