How to Get 1000s of Blog Subscribers Overnight

What do you think is the best way to have a massive subscriber list for your blog?

As a proactive Internet Marketer or corporation, you might have a massive email list already, but you are now switching to more interactive communication with your customers and prospects by publishing your newsletter on your blog, and maybe copy / pasting it into an auto-responder.

1000 Email Subscribers = 1000 Blog Subscribers?

Both Feedburner and Feedblitz have the possibility to import subscribers to your blog. There are some special arrangements I believe involved, but it would be quite possible to boost your blog subscription overnight. For some people we would be talking similar numbers to the subscribers to Techcruch – maybe even more.

I was never much of an email marketing fanatic, and always preferred to share information on my blogs, or on forums. Not very good Defensible Traffic.

Blog subscriptions don’t currently work quite as well as email auto responders, but I am not suggesting you throw away your email lists. It is just another channel, but a lot more interactive.
JV Deals in the blogosphere is just a matter of linking to good content.

You will have to be prepared to interact with your audience, and do a little more than just pitch products with every post you make. Back to the old giving value concept from yesteryear.

On the otherhand, the blogosphere wouldn’t know what has hit them.

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  1. says

    Interesting tips, but don’t all email subscribers have to manually accept invitations from FeedBurner first if they’re imported into your account?

  2. says

    Possibly, Feedburner doesn’t go into huge details about the import possibilities.

    Feedblitz is another alternative and there are a few more.

    Whilst everyone recently on Affiliate marketing blogs has been saying how great Aweber is for email mailing lists there is one problem, the email subscribers are not added to your Feedburner feed count – you lose the benefit of social proof.

    But lets say you have a 100,000 subscriber email list, and you decided you were no longer going to publish an ezine, but be open with your communication and publish everything on your blog, or you would be using the blog for more graphical content.

    Lots of email publishers just send a short note about a new blog post, or maybe even send it to their list.

    If you notified your email list first of all that you will be moving over to publishing your most informative content on your blog, and they should expect a special confirmation request shortly (assuming it is needed, but I am not sure that is the case), you might get a 20-30% confirmation rate.

    So 100000 x 30% = 30,000 new blog subscribers.

    In my mind that is extremely significant.

    You could still maintain your existing email list – it does after all offer additional possibilities for things that can only be offered privately, or to “known” subscribers.

    The thing is I know many marketing gurus with 100,000+ email lists with less than 1000 blog subscribers.

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    I read something on the feedburner forum that led me to believe that they aren’t taking requests for imports anymore… do you have any info or tips on how to tactfully approach feedburner with a request?

  4. says

    Maybe they are trying to add a nore automated system. Even the most thorough email list services such as Aweber allow import, but they would require opt-in a second time.

    If Feedburner no longer allow it, and can’t be persuaded, try Feedblitz which can be setup to be Feedburner compatible.
    I am not sure which others can have their data included in Feedburner


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