MyBlogLog Roundup


I am mentioning MyBlogLog a lot these days, but there are reasons for this

  1. A large proportion of my readership are using it.
  2. A large number are still not using it (they are missing out)
  3. It is a powerful and useful service
  4. It is topical
    • Topical content brings in traffic
    • Linking through to others talking about MyBlogLog helps widen my reach, and adds to the discussion on other blogs.
  5. I have quite a few ideas about the service that I would love to share with others

That being said, if you want me to stop writing about MyBlogLog please let me know in the comments, and equally if you enjoy or find my posts relating to MyBlogLog useful, please let me know.

Three interesting stories for you today:-

Interview with Scott Rafer

I found this interview with Scott Rafer very interesting. Those who have posted articles on their blogs will have noticed how “connected” both Scott and Eric are with the community. In this podcast Scott explains his working day, and how he manages feedback regarding MyBlogLog so well.

MyBlogLog – Behind the Scenes

There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes with MyBlogLog joining Yahoo. Jeremy Zawodny goes into detail about what to expect in the future for MyBlogLog, and a little about what their priorities are.

MyBlogLog – Why is it Useful?

Graywolf who I am sure knows a thing or two about stats packages has a very detailed review of the MyBlogLog tracking features. Just like him, I have paid subscriptions for many of my sites and find some of the information fascinating and potentially very lucrative.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the kind words on my interview with Scott / MyBlogLog. He truly is a remarkable CEO in that he had no particular reason to be quite so responsive to my various technical issues (I mean, come on, it’s not like I’m CNET or something).

    For example, way before my interview with him, you’ll notice in another post I did on benefits of GZIP that I got them to enable GZIP on their server for the scripts… they enabled it about 3 hours after I requested it. Pretty damned amazing for *any* size company, IMHO.

  2. Andre SC says

    Your judgement of MyBlogLog’s rellevance and topical issues seems spot-on to me, oh, and I’m gobsmacked by the consistent considered quality and value of your blog posts. Thanx.

    Think you’ve got me hooked :-)