Positive Search Results | Positive Searches & a Lesson in ORM

Using blog comments for the purpose of linkbuilding has risks.

The saying goes a license or contract has no teeth unless you enforce it.

I typically enforce my comment policy by simply deleting the comments, but I have a clause that specifically caters to SEO agencies spamming my comments whether for themselves or on behalf of clients.

100% Proof Is Impossible

All I have is an email address, IP address and the content of the comment that has been posted in a number of places, and based upon some basic checks, most sites are simply deleting the spam, whether it is in the form of comments or forum profiles.

Comments from Joey - Positive Search Results?

The information would be easy to fake – current comment systems it is very easy to fake the original author.

A Comment From Positive Search Results?

Positive Search Results Comment

This was probably a manual comment, because the guy “Joey” has a typo for “Webmaster” and a typo in the intended link location – if you are going to pay someone to build links for you, at least make sure they get your domain right, even if they are spamming.

Lets look at the content of the comment itself

Hi i am joey from California. Basically i am a programmer working for a web designing company. I am going to discuss about <a href="//positivesearchresults.com”" rel="nofollow">positive searches</a> and online reputation. Positive Internet Results - Take control of your <a href="//www." rel="nofollow">online reputation management</a>. Create positive search results for your name and company. Push down rip off reports and complaints. SEO experts for pushing your Keywords to the top of search engines. The <a href="//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media”" rel="nofollow">social media</a> is the network which is used for affiliate marketing management.
  • The first anchor link missed the http, so is a broken link
  • The link for Onine Reputation Management I have no idea what was meant to be there, but it isn’t a link now
  • The social media link to Wikipedia is also missing the http

Whoever left these links is an idiot who shouldn’t be link building, or making it appear they are an idiot. I can’t rule out this was an attempt to discredit a competitor.

“Joey from California” lives in India

Positive Search Results Joey From India

Looks like Joey has an authenticity problem.

Positive Search Results, Positive Searches & Positive Internet Searches

There are at least 3 domains that are being used as a front for the same company.

Names involved include Richard West, Joe Webb, Gene Burns, Kay Jordan

Many of those are fairly common names, even within a small niche such as SEO and internet marketing

I did a search on the names with SEO as an extra term such as [“Richard West” SEO] and didn’t find any results of note for Nevada or Colorado.
There are plenty of good SEOs that fly under the radar and good SEOs at large brand agencies such as Bruce Clay who wouldn’t be in the public eye, but I expected to find something.

This is stated on one of their many websites

Positive Searches is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Chamber of Commerce and is rated on Dun and Bradstreet (the leading business reporting service)

I did spend 10 minutes searching for evidence of being listed with the BBB with no success
Apparently they are “America’s leading Internet marketing, SEO and Reputation Management Firm”

Submitting poorly spun press releases that are almost unreadable, even if they include the name Danny Sullivan are not going to get you any positive press or recognition.

Positive Search Results & Positive Searches – Complaints

I couldn’t find anything positive about this SEO company, but I did find complaints from one person in multiple locations – for a reputation management specialist making huge claims about performance, I expected complaints, but as I recently mentioned, bad news tends to fill a vaccum.

I couldn’t find any redeeming factors at all which might suggest that the comment was a fake – maybe a competitor trying to harm their reputation.

Positive Search Results & Positive Searches – Verdict

My personal opinion is they are a craphat SEO, Internet Marketing & Reputation Management Company that outsource their linkbuilding to incompetent comment spammers in India.

p.s. a Ceise & Desist will not get this post removed – factual errors will be corrected but I have undertaken sufficient due dilligence to have reached an honest personal opinion about a company spamming my comments.

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  1. Daniel says

    Don’t akismet clean most of the spam for you? If you use it that is. I feel that it’s working quite well on my blogs.

    • says

      Not all of those websites seem to be directly related to Positive Searches, but a fair amount do – I wonder if there is a connection with the others, or it is just shared hosting.

  2. Kevin says

    It looks like a dedicated server to me with their client names on it. If you search the other names on the server with a word like scam you will see they have a lot to hide. Looks like a dirty senate candidate and other people who have a lot of online complaints.

    If this is a reputation management company they do not seem very good at it. The client names I see look terrible. What a great scam though. Charge people thousands of dollars and then hire people from India to create blogs and links for pennies. I am glad you spoke up.

    • says

      Sounds like it could almost be profitable to fuel the negative content posting as well – create the mess and then get paid to continue cleaning it up