Wikipedia NoFollow Plugin

I mentioned I was willing to create such a plugin, I was even cobbling the code together.

Then I noticed a mention over on Matt’s blog (just search for Matt) in the comments that somone had written one.

Wikipedia Nofollow Plugin

And here is a link to Wikipedia to test it

Edit: after posting I grabbed a screenshot

wikipedia nofollow wordpress

Oh and I submitted it to Digg

Lol, ok so the “Digg This Plugin” is seriously screwed. I link through to a Digg I made for the original blog post, and the original author – in the comments I posted a link to here as an example of it working. Digg this now thinks I have votes for this post, and the button actually seems to link through to the digg on someone elses blog. Weird…
Someone has created a more secure “Digg This” plugin called “Digg That”, which apparently cures the problem, I will give it a try.

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