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Darren Rouse gets talked about a lot in the blogosphere, and for good reason. He writes quality articles and is a nice helpful guy.

Darren Rouse Logs

Someone was checking results for Darren on Yahoo. How do I know? I spotted it in my MyBlogLog stats that they had clicked through.

I was actually quite shocked

Darren Rouse Log

So I decided to go and check it out…as you do, as you do ;)

Changes at Yahoo

Well I was aware that Yahoo might have had a little tweak of their algorithms recently. I hadn’t been seeing much search traffic, but then this blog really needed to “settle in” a little.
Looks like they have fixed things a little…

Niche Website

Yes, I bet you wish you could rank for uncompetitive terms as well

Darren Rouse in Yahoo

I think Darren Rouse is in many ways a harder term to rank for, because he gets talked about so much.

Darren Rouse in Yahoo

Ooh… is that a tag page

It is actually a poorly optimized one as well – now WordPress 2.1 is finally here I will get to work a little.

Actually if you look at the single post that was on the tag page (before this one), you will notice that the only mention of “darren rouse” is in the page title, and the tag on the page.

Darren Rouse in Google

Do Google still like tag pages?

It looks that way, but then it might just be an “allintitle: Darren Rouse” thing.

Darren Rouse in Google

Anyway this is just a small demonstration on how easy it is to rank for uncompetitive terms.

There are still millions of untapped niche markets waiting to be explored / exploited

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  1. says

    I just left a similar message over at MyBlogLog, but I suppose this really is the place to do it.

    I love your comments about tagging. But when you get into hundreds of tags, doesn’t it get tough to find the a specific tag amongst them? In other words, I am using very general tags to group my posts, which leaves me about a dozen tags (although I am sure that will grow). But if I start creating very specific tags for each post, won’t my lst of tags to choose from become unmanageable?