Hostile Takeover of #diggrevolt

Digg is a community of millions of users but it only takes a few hundred to stage a significant protest – a few thousand active diggers working in a coordinated manner and Digg might have to rethink their current plans… after a year+ of development.

Digg 4 Is a New Aggregator

At least that is what it is meant to be, based upon my understanding – the site now has content from major publishers being fed by RSS to the site.

Most publishers seem to be opting to submit all their content
I added a feed for selected posts to be fed there which might be suitable for a wider audience

But there are things which really shouldn’t be there.


I love Techmeme, I think it is a great news aggregator, but nearly all the stories – especially the lead stories are duplicates of existing content that is being fed to Digg.
It is just the way it is with Techmeme – sure there are the occasional stories that make it to Techmeme by way of a tip on Twitter, but those are only occasional, and even then often are from a large site that would have made it there anyway.

Techmeme on Digg

I am not going to single out internet and tech cebebrities but for instance I have seen Google Buzz RSS feeds submitted.

On one such post I saw this

Digg Bury Spam

Pretty clear instructions, and later down there were instructions on how to find posts from

Sure enough that brings up lots of Reddit stories

Reddit Takes Over Digg

And these stories are making it to the front page – even blindly

Effect on Digg Home Page

7 of the 10 stories on the home page are links to Reddit

Digg - Homepage

Will Kevin Rose Offer an Olive Branch?

I don’t think so… at least not yet.

  • There is no such thing as bad publicity
  • Digg is gaining a lot of good publicity with the people it wants to attract – the people who were not Digg elite
  • Digg will end up with their button back on tons of blogs and news media sites that previously abandoned them for Twitter – free advertising as soon as a story is published.
  • Casual users will either get
    • News from their friends and personal selection = dumbed down crippled feed reader
    • A front page that updates a few 1000 times per day.
  • The Digg elite (who grew Digg) will either get used to the idea, be thrown some kind of bone or will defect to Reddit or Mixx or other communities (many ex-Diggers such as Zaibatsu are huge on Twitter.

Digg On Reddit

Nice welcome message for new mmembers who had never heard of Reddit
A little gloating about owning the fron page of Digg – (they have as much right as Techmeme to be there)
Some interesting traffic stats

Digg On Reddit

Digg Inbox Zero

Over the last few days I have been maintaining “Inbox Zero” in my Digg account, just hiding every story (some after I Dugg them)
Most of the people I still follow are fairly inactive on Digg, so the amount of stories was quite small.

Digg 4 Inbox Zero

Today for some reason I can’t get the “hide” button to work – almost like it has been disabled.

Will I be adding Digg buttons here?

No idea… maybe I will have a vote for it when things settle down a little. I also need to do the same for Sphinn.

I am also evaluating what to do with 3 Reddits I set up 2 years ago
WordPress (lowercase P dammit)
Internet Marketing

Oh and just to be a little ironic – more on Techmeme

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    • says

      Have to delink you for promoting a really horrible ping list – have you ever actually checked the status returned?

      Diggers are going to be stuck with Digg v4 as a platform. They will have to live with it. Whatever bones Kevin Rose throws to the Digg ELite will not substantially change the platform mechanics.

      What are people on Reddit going to do when conversation flows using Salmon from Reddit conversation to Digg conversations and back again, and also down to the original article, and from there maybe to a Youtube video? It could happen.

  1. says

    I’ve read a few press articles on online communities and the crux is – online communities are brittle. I won’t be as positive as u about this fiasco if I were Kevin Rose. Its not just about bad publicity. If u want to be a trusted brand u have to be stable. Digg has minimal offline business. I know they sell digg mugs and t shirts but really their entire business is dependent on the website.

    Would I be amused if I were an advertiser on Digg who payed for sponsored posts? certianly not.

  2. says

    I think digg is bigger community than reditt (atleast i think). but hey, you never know. DiggV4 is a combination of the core digg features (with twitter and facebook features), but reditt is behind them when compare to the look and feel..