Google LSI Related Search Results

Google LSI Related Search Results 2

I use Google for a lot of searching every day, I am sure more than 95% of casual users. I am not talking about checking ranking, as things like that can be automated with Google’s APis and various tools. When I need to find information, I use Google Search.
I have seen Google suggest other related terms to try such as this, which appears at the bottom of a page when I search for “insurance”.
The Google Related terms normally look something like this:-

Google Related Searches

But I have never seen this search result configuration before.

Google LSI Related Search Results

Maybe I have been searching with my eyes closed, or not keeping up with the news

It seems Google is taking the top results for the search term entered, and then using some kind of LSI or related term to provide alternative results.

Here is a longer view, showing the 3 + 3 + X layout

Google LSI Related Search Results 2

Better Search Results?

In this particular search, the related results were probably equal to the results for the specific term. I am sure this will help casual searchers a lot in finding things they need.

The Long Tail: Low Hanging Fruit

This could be a disaster for niche marketing targeting low hanging fruit and niche terms with low competition. If you are not in the top 3 results for the long-tail search term, you are relegated to 7th place or lower.

Adwords – Give Me More Money

On this particular search, I didn’t see any advertising, but then I am in Poland not the US, and there is so much information on terms like this there isn’t much money to be made selling things.

However, if Google are going to be showing SERPs for more popular LSI related terms, it seems only logical that they are going to also add the advertising inventory.

This might affect 2 things

  • Prices on niche terms increasing
  • A need to pay even more attention to negative terms in Adwords

Hmm is this exclusive content, or am I a year out of date and need to take my blinkers off?

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  1. says

    Hi Andy

    I have noticed the same thing on Google here (Australia). If I do a search for “online directory” we get an insert saying “see results for: online dictionary”. If I wanted an online dictionary, then I would have typed that!

    I appreciate the “did you mean….?” suggestion if I misspell a word, but this is plain annoying & I hope it goes soon. Our site rates at 9 for this search and it effectively puts us on the second page.