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No I am not talking about the WordPress plugin / service that gives you the keyword density of your blog posts and counts how many times you have used the same affiliate link in your blog posts every 250 words. Liz has a review of Scribe SEO that I agree with. I actually wrote one myself to post on SEOBullshit but pulled it, then I was going to post it here, then I decided if I can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
I don’t need to pay $30/month to be reminded to include keywords in my titles, but then I am not the intended audience.

Apparently there are some new features coming, but you might be better off looking at Raven Tools or RankSense (though Ranksense seems to be going through a revamp/refocus).

So this is not about Scribe SEO, but I had to mention it because Google have this nasty habit of stamping all over other people’s trademarks. They did it with one I helped establish many moons ago, to a project I am rather fond of, Chrome 3d Engine which I helped launch when it was a very early beta.

Google Scribe

Google have just launched in their “labs” what is currently just a writing/autocompletion aid which they have called Scribe.
Google Operating System has a writeup.

Earlier today I suggested to friends that today is LDA Day, but I suppose it can be semantics day, or related content day or information retrieval day just as easily.

This is what it looks like on the Google site.

Google Scribe SEO

So it is quite an intelligent auto completion interface.

So far… so good

But it is also a bookmarklet that can be used with (virtually) any text area. I found it currently unusable in the WordPress editor because of all the funky javascript, but I am sure that is something that will be fixed.

Being a bookmarklet that also means that there is an API used by the bookmarklet. APIs can be used to extract data though I am sure Google will be keen to restrict that.

Whether the data could be looked on as Google suggesting words that have meaning in a particular situation, or whether they are providing some alternatives for you to provide them with the correct choice is yet to be determined. I would think that would be a little of both. Google would do something similar to what is done with recaptcha… one word they are sure about, one they need confirmation on. So with scribe you might get 5 good choices, and 5 maybes.

Can Google Scribe be used for SEO? The phrase completions suggested seem to be human – what is suggested appears to be fairly accurate, but doesn’t necessarily allow for priority in certain situaitons.
It also doesn’t currently take into account personalization or search history – if I type in “Andy B” then the first suggestion is currently Andy Beal.
That result does have a correlation with the search engine results.

I found that interesting… maybe more interesting than the SEOmoz LDA tool.

It is not the same as search suggestions.

It could turn out to be a useful tool, or the API could be used to get a “wonderwheel” type effect, or something the same but different. That is useful for keyword research.
(via Techmeme)

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  1. says

    Thanks for the shout out Andy – and thanks for the reference to Raven Tools – that looks like a very useful tool that I may have to invest in. That it a pretty crappy attitude of Google I must say – I disagree with Scribe SEO – but Scribe is definitely their Trademark and they have been using it for at least 6? months now.

    • says

      Raven is pretty useful for people managing lots of sites nad proactive in Linkbuilding

      Ranksense works in a different way to most tools, but Hamlet really knows his stuff and had deserved a mention for ages. I am not sure what he is up to with the tool (it is a bit of a hybrid desktop/SAAS air application) but the link is now there for posterity.

      As for trademarks – Google doesn’t care, they stamp all over them – legally they might be in the clear because they have a different use scenario, but there is one major issue – the search diversity.
      Before I wrote this, I did a check for Chrome 3D – not even the Wikipedia entry ranks. There is 3D stuff that has been done with Google’s browser now that just wipes all trace of the game engine brand… and Google will soon be doing games in the Chrome browser – terms such as Chrome Games are going to start appearing that are nothing to do with the original – that is a trademark that has been in use since 2001, and the engine has been used in games published by major games publishers such as UBIsoft.

  2. says

    Yes – Yes it can!

    We do it now at my place, searchers are often lazy or confused and will happily click on what ever option becomes available for them.

    I wonder- are the suggestions those which have good adwords competition I wonder!

  3. says

    Thanks for the info Andy,we are definitely looking for RavenTool.
    I couldn’t agree more with Google’s bad habit on stamping on other people’s trademark.

  4. Anabolic Supplements says

    Really liked how you broke this down here.
    Killer post. Great subject, great info, excellent insights, clearly written, straight to the point, easy to read. Outstanding. You have got a new subscriber, because I like your approach and perspective. Thanks

      • says

        “Killer post. Great subject, great info, excellent insights, clearly written, straight to the point, easy to read”

        Lol Andy, i think this is what i’d call overkill. I wonder how excessive compliments makes the spam less noticeable…

  5. says

    Well this seems like a nice addition on Google’s behalf Andy. This might even reduce the mistyped search volume and increase the actual keyword search volumes. But that will solely depend on how Google will implement this it seems. It might make it, or just break it.

    Oh btw nice that you point out the LDA tool on SEOMoz. This LDA thing is a whole new thing to me and this tool seems a tad interesting :)

  6. says

    My first thought was “could this be used as another content generator?”

    The is the sentence it makes when you start with typing hi and then keep alternating spacebar and enter:
    “hi i am a ninja Women ‘s Dark T cells in the presence of a large number of people who have been in the business of the company and the company is not affiliated with any school or team listed above is provided by the merchants and assumes no responsibility for the content of the information contained in this advertisement and any use thereof or reliance thereon or for any future business relationship that you may have to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Company and the Company shall be entitled to a refund of the purchase price of the product or as part of the products name of the person who is not board certified may still be an excellent physician has been practicing law for over twenty years.”

    So yes it can, but it’s not proper English ;-)

    • says

      Yeah a few people have suggested that method – in some ways it could – grab a load of keywords and just grab words around them.

      The problem is if you have

      tie & shoes
      You might end up with
      Black tie & pink shoes

      • says

        Simply start with “tie & shoes” and keep alternating spacebar and enter, that way you won’t end up with “Black tie & pink shoes”

        “tie & shoes from 5 warehouses throughout the country and the world of the living room and dining room with a view to share”

        However there are enough content generation methods which produce incoherent content (like this) which makes it impractical as content generator.

  7. says

    I played around with this a bit, as well, and like Bartjan, I discovered that repeatedly grabbing option #4 at each suggestion, rendered a paragraph of surprising coherency, up to a point. I doubt I could do better, after half a bottle of tequila.
    Some might argue, of course, that I couldn’t do better, withOUT the tequila.
    Great post, Andy (and I DID read the comment policy. I’m just a shameless bootlicker!)

  8. says

    I played around with this a bit and not sure it has a huge SEO benefit, but it can definitely help get my mind thinking creatively for new ways to position content.


  9. says

    Can Google Scribe be used for SEO? I would say yes, because these days google started showing us some results which can help us in keywords research as well as our website optimization. As as seo service provider we recommend our SEO’s or our blog readers to learn something & get benefits from this feature. It is also possible google will show us the suggestions which are highly search terms so we don’t have to do much efforts to fine the targeted keyword for our website…