Google Promotion Of Webmaster Tools In Search Results

I don’t run site queries anywhere near as often as I used to, but I was just doing a few indexation queries to pull up some examples and came across this interesting “Google Promotion” for webmaster tools.

Google Promotion

So what was I testing?

Well some things are really messed up with Google indexation currently.

As an example:- all these “unimportant” pages that Google seem to want you to not stick a nofollow on… such as contact pages or various terms of service.

A long time ago I used to have a link to my contact page in the footer of every post, including when it was syndicated. I used to nofollow that link, but I still had other links to it, though the links may have been after the nofollow link in the sidebar.

But for a good 2 years or so I have only used a link that passes juice to things like my comments policy and contact page.

My contact page has a couple of editorial links out in the wild, my comments policy also has a few, but it is not something I would link build to deliberately – the same goes for my about page.

My contact page isn’t optimized for Andy Beard as much as it could be (the first page of results for [Andy] is highly competitive) but for a search for something like [Contact Andy Beard] you would expect it to rank.

So if you search for [Contact Andy Beard] in Google…. my home page ranks first, and my comment policy ranks second.

nah I don't want this to rank... really

Oh and the page is cached – I am not worried about the cache date, the page doesn’t get updated very often.

It is quite possible I could dig up a reason why it isn’t ranking… maybe because at times I have had a trailing slash… and at other times I haven’t… but the same would be true of my comments policy page.

If you examine backlinks, you will see some hijacking of my sitewide links by on a few redirects but those pages seem on the whole to be OK ranking in Yahoo, Bing and Google… not for anything special but they are there.

My contact page does appear in both Yahoo & Bing.

Has anyone else seen this Google promotion Of Webmaster Tools in the SERPs?

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  1. says

    I noticed the promotion yesterday but just put it down to the fact that I’d never searched for the term I was looking at. It was something to do with google analytics, keywords or webmasters. So, to me, the prom0tion made a lot of sense.

  2. Lisa says

    I have seen the Google promotion Of Webmaster Tools in the SERPs, but I like to stay away from that kind of stuff, if possible. A lot of webmaster tools that Google supply aren’t as good as they appear to be, and I am a much bigger fan of other kinds of shareware. Thanks for posting, I love reading your blog! Cheers, Lisa

  3. says

    I noticed it last night and initially thought it was AdWords
    It’s a different background colour though and has Google Promotion in top right corner instead of Sponsored links.

    Interestingly, it returns normal ads if adding a keyword
    ( Cheap PC)

  4. says

    Bit late as I’ve been on holiday but I saw this a couple of weeks ago too. Don’t know why it shows it when I’m already signed up for WMT and GA though … Clearly it’s not a very clever / dynamic ad.

    • says

      I was thinking the same – in some ways that suggests that the data is siloed in some ways rather than using private data.

      What they should do when I am logged in and I am checking the serps or reading email is give me “Google notifications” about all my domains if there is something urgent.