2800 Social Media Zombies Need Feeding On Friendfeed

A serious problem – I have 2800 “Zombies” that haven’t been fed for 11 days – they like eating my brains.. or the product of my brain, yet can’t get their daily dose.

2800 Friendfeed Zombies

This could turn into something of epidemic proportions and is not the first barren period they have had to face, as evident by the supporting data from Feedburner.

Feedburner Stats

The red lines signify days that Friendfeed hasn’t been collecting my RSS feed. There could be other days that they haven’t collected other feeds as a fair amount of my online activity should be appearing in Friendfeed.

Friendfeed Subscriptions

The problem isn’t even just with Friendfeed which historically has been pretty reliable – I have seen this happen at times with Facebook as well with imported notes from my RSS feed often appearing days after a blog post is first published.

On Friendfeed I have 2856 “subscribers” – of those I regard maybe only 56 as being active humans using the service.

This also isn’t an isolated case.

As an example we have a user reporting an issue twice on the Feedburner Google Group… as you might expect without any answer.

For once this probably isn’t anything to do with Feedburner… it is almost certainly Friendfeed.. or now parent company Facebook not collecting content, and thus at the same time not preporting subscription numbers.

Facebook doesn’t report subscriber numbers that I am aware of, but that may be dependent on how you add RSS content to your profile or pages.

If this is a sign of a final death knell for Friendfeed, and with Bloglines already disappearing at the end of this month, very soon 80% of feed subscribers (of those actually reported) will be in Google Reader for this blog.
When Friendfeed was added to Feedburner reporting, it wasn’t universally accepted but in some ways it did reflect a swing in attention.
The direction of that swing is very much towards Twitter and Facebook now.

Google Buzz doesn’t seem to be aggregated into the Feedburner numbers yet.

Why Do Zombies Eat Brains? (Return of the Living Dead – probably NSFW)

Update: Within a few hours of this being posted, Friendfeed was suddenly up to date – I don’t know whether they missed anything.

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  1. says

    I’ve never used Friendfeed, but some zombie user decided to claim one of my sites as “his.” This has thrown off my Feedburner numbers consistently, often adding 1,000 to the total count. I knew that Feedburner wouldn’t be able to help, so I contacted Friendfeed and asked them to remove the user or at least remove my site from his profile. They refused to help me. Lately the issue seems to be fixed, but it was a huge pain in the butt.

    • says

      That will fix itself and you will soon get those numbers being reported again, if FF lives on.

      Friendfeed has the ability to use any feed, and if they are collecting it, then they will report the number of people who see that content… at least in theory.

  2. Male Enhancement says

    Thanks for the shared posted article you’ve wrote on us including on the embedded video about Zombies. Is this really true? that zombies eat brains of the human because of the pain they have as being dead, looks interesting and weird at the same time. lol

  3. says

    Well at one point, i have to agree with ‘Male Enhancement’ (lol). That vid is a retro zombie movie at its best!

    I just wanted to point that out. On the other hand i’ve never used FF. But a service like FF not picking up RSS feed sounds retarded to me. But i’ve been using Google Reader all along tbh. It works fine for me

  4. holidays says

    I haven’t used Friendfeed so I don’t know what you are really going through and what you mean by those “zombie” feeds but this certainly sounds irksome. This is price one has to pay for using social networking sites.

    • says

      You should get the person paying you to link build to pay for English lessons before commenting here then ;)

      The zombies are not irksome – genuine people (no comment spammers) sign up for services then don’t use it. In the same way 75% of the people who subscribe to my blog don’t use their RSS reader any more.

  5. says

    Feedburner sucks. sometimes it doesn’t take the friendfeed count, sometimes it shows numbers with friendfeed count. am planning to move to feedblitz or awber. Feedburner eat up friendfeed count.

    • says

      Aweber doesn’t manage RSS feeds, they only do RSS to Email – if that is the only reason you use Feedburner then fair enough.

      Feedblitz does both

      Both of them can work with Feedburner and report numbers to them.

      In this case however the blame was squarely on Friendfeed.

  6. says

    Well this is my first time hearing of Friendfeed. I’ve never had any problems with Feedburner so far myself. But I’m glad to have read about Friendfeed. Don’t like zombies!