WordPress SEO – Deep Link Engine Spam

The Deep Link Engine WordPress plugin was released back in March as part of the launch for a product “Auto Content Cash” by Brian G Johnson, Jared Croslow and Alex Goad.

I quite like some of Alex’s products, I have been critical of most of Jared’s and I suppose I am neutral on Brian’s as I have never bought any.

Hyper lazy affiliate banner

In theory it is like a simplified version of Zemanta with an additional option to check to see if a reciprocal pingback link has been published.

There are lots of options to get rid of most footprints the problem is people are lazy and leave the defaults.

Thus you get nice footprints like this

<p><!-- pingbacker_start --><br />
<h4>Related Blogs</h4>
<ul class='pc_pingback'>

The other problem is people are greedy.

Rather than choosing the most related posts they add as many as they can – a numbers game, and may or may not keep the links.

I am referring to extreme greed.

Deep link engine

  • Is the plugin legit? It is just a tool
  • Can it be abused? Most certainly
  • Are idiots abusing it? Without a doubt
  • Is it blackhat? Not necessarily

If you want to test the plugin you get it as a free download from an exit pop sequence if you visit the site via the banner above.
I don’t think as a tool for finding relevant links it is a bad thing, and if you are automating content aggregation in some legitimate way then those receiving (genuine) (relevant) (followed) links aren’t going to complain too much.
With a lot of creative thought something like this could be turned into a very crude Techmeme clone built on WordPress.

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  1. says

    I don’t recall ever approving a pingback to a blog post that only linked to mine from a “related links” section below the post. That’s probably because I don’t recall ever seeing a such a link to my blog from a blog post that REALLY WAS related to the post. Most of the time, the “post” is extremely short, and is often not even original material — it’s an excerpt scraped from somebody else’s blog. And the “related links” are generally selected based on keywords, which leads to more false positives that posts that are really related.

    I’m happy to approve pingbacks to real blog posts that link to mine from within the body of the post. I suppose its conceivable that I’d approve a pingback if the post was real, worth reading, and was really related to mine. But my impression is that the vast majority of the users of tools like this are just lazy spammers. They’ve done nothing to earn the right to get a link from my site.

    • says

      Certainly from Zemanta I have received some really good relevant links in the past so the concept isn’t a total fail, and in some respects if you found a less prominent blogger to link to, then there is in some ways more chance something would stick.

      The palce they will stick the most is sites that auto accept pingbacks, but loading up a blog with 100s of “related” links is only going to aggrevate any filters.

    • says

      I see a fair bit, but this one was just so extreme – I realise it is a numbers game but smart blackhats are a lot more subtle about what they are doing – and don’t leave a footprint.

  2. says

    I was wondering what sort of plugins where doing this sort of pap linking…. I get a ton load of it. One post I got over 1,500 trackbacks…. forgot to analyse the quality of them.

    • says

      I see a lot more site that scrape and then send a trackback for a site that is just a maze of internal linking and search results based upon the titles of the scraped posts.

  3. Ted Thomas says

    Human nature being what it is, it is hard to imagine any scenario where such a plugin wouldn’t be abused.

  4. Herbert says

    I had been using this deep link engine plugin on my blog related to but I started seeing a loads of comments type links to other articles just below my blog post making my blog looks crowded so i discontinue using it in a day or 2 so dont know exactly about the result it give… was thinking of using it one my new blog was wandering if any one benefitted from this plugin.

  5. Caravan says

    I used the plugin for about 2 minutes. I found it slow and really bad at pulling in good relevant related blogs. A total waste of time.

  6. says

    I’m aware of this plugin and others like it. This will appeal to lots of people who either don’t know better and or are lazy. Human nature is always looking for a quick fix and immediate gratification.

    I don’t blame people for buying these things and will give them the benefit of the doubt. I think it was Malcolm Gladwell who suggested it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything. I assume he included all the errors we have all made along this particular journey.

    I’ve lost track on all the useless comments/trackbacks I get on various blogs and delete them. It takes time to review though and would prefer it was spent on doing something more productive.



    • says

      A lot of people are making a living from autoblogging and I am not knocking them – some of the sites can be quite useful as a search result and even the links have value.

  7. says

    Oh boy,

    Your RSS feed didn’t update in my reader from mid sept until now, so I just assumed you weren’t blogging…

    First, thanks for the mention, I guess ;)

    Deep Link Engine is more for autoblogging and mass blogging than authority blogging, that is clear.

    It certainly can be abused, but so can just about anything else that creates any kind of value, tastes good, makes you feel happy…

    Since releasing it on the market, I have gotten about 30k spammy pingbacks to my authority blogs, and that is somewhat irritating, but aggressive SEO will always have its place whether you are using it yourself, feeling the side effects of others using it, or both…

    I’m releasing an authority oriented theme with very cool custom plugins in November, maybe you would be interested in having a look, I would be interested in your thoughts…

  8. says

    About being neutral about mr Brian Johnson: Once you bought stuff from him, you will soon turn negative.

    I bought auto content cash after reading some reviews on it which was written utterly just so sell something and get affiliate commission. This is why I am open about his products – these so-called write-ups are mostly done by people who didn’t even purchase the product, they only wanted to make a quick buck.

  9. Josefina Agüello says

    I was searching for a Tagging plugin and Installed it to find that It needed a Activation code and it started to Attract my Attention that there was something very wrong with this plugin I done a search and found some articles promoting the product and yours guess which Article I will listen to thank you Very much for Clearing this up for me and I do not even know why wordpress have such plugings listed

    Josefina Argüello

  10. says

    I use Zemanta and I am quite happy in terms of writing, but images can’t be used as make the post not SE friendly. Generally this kind of tools are saving time, but definitely reduce the quality of the article. It may be more time consuming, but doing everything manually is much better.