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Day Job Killer – Preview (written before launch)

Day Job Killer is an ebook due to be launched Tuesday 6th February 2007. It could also be called “Affiliate Project X Part 2″.

It is written by Chris McNeeney, acclaimed author of Affiliate Project X and Adwords Miracle.
Affiliate Project X was probably the best information product I purchased during 2006, both from a motivational standpoint, and for the way he packed so much information into an ebook with less than 60 pages. He proved you don’t need 400 pages to teach people how to make a little extra money.

Day Job Killer will most likely be another huge success, and I intend to purchase it, and review it as soon as it is published.

Day Job Killer – Pre-Release Continued

It is actually only hours away from the release of Day Job Killer, and it is quite interesting looking at the search results.

Day Job Killer

There wasn’t actually any results in the search engines for that exact phrase before the product release.
For an “allintitle:” search, there are about 56 websites trying to compete for the term with anything like an idea of SEO.
I suppose I need to “turn on the tap” of Google Juice for those couple of extra places.

Day Job Killer – Amazing Free Video

Have you seen the free video that Chris made yet, that even reveals one of his niches?

Day Job Killer – Free Video

Day Job Killer – Bonuses

I know people are looking for a Day Job Killer Bonus.

I haven’t read the ebook yet, thus it is very hard for me to decide what bonus is most suitable.

My current plans are to launch a private blog or forum that details every niche I apply Day Job Killer tactics to, and maybe knock together a few custom scripts for use with it.

I will need to read the book first before I make a final decision. In many ways just reading my blog, which I provide free is more worthwhile than many of the bonuses I have seen other people offer.

Do you buy from someone who is constantly looking to sell you something, or from someone who offers advise for free every day.

I definitely suggest anyone below me in the results for Day Job killer subscribe to a few SEO blogs, including mine.

Review: Day Job Killer – Affiliate Project X Part 2

Unlike every other review or preview I have so far seen of Day Job Killer, I am not going to be writing a rehashed version of the sales letter with a couple of comments, or even mentioning the catchy names for the strategies.
In fact I am not going to even discuss specific strategies in detail, because I don’t think that is relevant to making a yes/no buying decision.

Day Job Killer is a Confusing Muddle and Potentially Dangerous

I need to explain this in some detail:-

  • Day Job Killer is Nasty – but not in the way the author intended
  • Over the last few months there have been changes in the Clickbank Rules, clarification of FTC rules regarding word of mouth marketing, and new laws in the UK and Europe regarding clear identification of website property ownership.

    Just think, I rank first in Google for Clickbank Rules, have written extensively about FTC and WOMM, and am one of the only people in the affiliate marketing space to have discussed the changes in UK and European Laws and sought possible solutions.

  • Day Job Killer Offers Easy Fast Solutions – but it isn’t for beginners
  • Whilst Chris has made some effort to offer solutions for less experienced marketers, including providing complete examples he encourages you to steal from him and convert for promoting other products, a certain level of knowledge, and practical skills are required.
    If you have some knowledge of keyword research, adwords, landing page design, and are familiar with where to find products, this ebook will take you to the next level.

  • Every Technique Requires Financial Investment – how much money do you have?
  • This isn’t so much additional tools, but marketing costs, whether it be PPC advertising or more traditional media.

  • You Become a Parasite – destroying the competition
  • The primary method of selecting products and even marketing methods, including keywords, positioning, pricing etc, all relies on finding what is successful for other people, copying them, and nudging them out of the market for your own gain – this is ruthless marketing and not for the faint hearted.

Day Job Killer – On the positive side

  • It is well presented and concise – typical of Chris is a no fluff writing style
  • Proof of concept – Chris goes out of his way to provide real world case studies of each technique
  • Stimulation – for me there were not just ah ha moments, but it went beyond that, not accepting the ideas, but challenging them in my own mind – it was more like “yes that would work, but wouldn’t doing it this other way be even better”
  • Price – $77 is cheap for the information contained within the report, if you act on it
  • Guarantee – It is sold by Clickbank, so the guarantee is not just the authors

Day Job Killer

You make your own conclusion, it has already sold more than 5000 copies in just a few hours

This is what Christ has just said in an email

If my business ethics appear lacking, its because I am levelling with you. No fluff, no smoke and no crap. And NO apologies. DJK is a collection of techniques that make money, enough for you to leverage out of your job. Simple. And I try not to bring ethics into it – I would rather be honest and let YOU decide where you heart lies when you know the truth.

Day Job Killer Bonuses

You can carry on reading my blog for free – joking aside, affiliate sales partially make writing this blog worthwhile – they rarely cover the real costs in time, but this blog is mainly for bouncing ideas around and testing things.
I will setup a private forum if I have sufficient sales, or I will communicate in some way directly
A private blog will be setup where I will record my success or failure with Day Job Killer techniques – I am actually going to do that for my own purposes – who knows I might sell access one day as a seperate item or compile the contents.

It is against Clickbank rules to offer a monetary kickback – I would advise not to buy from someone making that offer, no matter how genuine they are.

The remainder I am going to tailor to suit the individual – maybe help setting up site, keyword or product research, or for more experienced marketers, maybe just some high quality link juice.

Update: Cookie Cutter Emails

Cookie Cutter Emails
I am sorry but this is the kind of marketing I don’t want to encourage. Clickbank have specific rules regarding disclosure. Yes Clickbank REQUIRE Disclosure, and ethical marketing.
These cookie cutter emails are imho not ethical marketing.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    Just thought I’d crawl out of the wood work and let you know I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and love the style and layout. Very cool and original.

    Day Job Killer promises to be very interesting. How did APX work out for you?

  2. says

    APX works, and I agree with a lot of the concepts

    My problem is that the method is slightly insular and doesn’t build defensive income streams.

    I have made my money back many times over from Affiliate Project X, but I am concentrating my efforts on a larger long term project rather than looking for short term income.

    A lot of what I am working on does fit the Affiliate Project X strategy and mentality, but with a huge twist for long-term income security.

  3. says

    APX is one of my favorite ebooks as well.

    Short and sweet, no bull-shit. (I just realized it rhymes lol)

    Gotta love the style.

    I think DJK will be a showdown of the most solid affiliate marketers. There’ll be so much to learn from this launch.

  4. says

    Hi Andy,

    Can you explain how APX is short term income? I set up some campaigns in the first days and they are still making money today.

    If you mean something more along the lines of dedicated affiliate sites that rank high in SERPs, of course there is interest in that but is it really safer than PPC?

    And about people ranking lower than you in SERPs for the term. Granted you’ve done a good job and granted this blog is a great source for optimization.

    Can you name some more? I ignore nearly all my SEO blog feeds now because frankly they suck 98% of the time.

    Who still gives real advice?

    Oh look, Danny Sullivan sneezed on my laptop, I feel so special!

  5. says

    Hi Alex

    Adwords campaigns tend to need tweaking / monitoring, products fade from popularity, and above all with any business I look for exit strategy.

    As for reading (no particular order):-

    Matt Cutts (read between the lines)
    Lee Odden

    I tend to use the Megite meme tracker a lot, especially the one based on Lees list of SEO blogs

    You will find a lot of conflicting information, and in fact a lot of the things I write about are often opposite to what you might find elsewhere.

    In many ways this blog is just a test site for many of the other things I am up to for defensive income

  6. says

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks, just added to feeds to my reader.

    2 more questions:

    Can you define defensive income?

    Would you be willing to run a “site clinic” sometime, on my blog say ;)…



  7. says

    Imagine for whatever reason you were offline for the next 6 months, with no way to adjust any part of your business.

    Maybe your wife could access your Paypal account and feed money to your bank account to pay the credit card bills, but that is it.
    So most of what I invest my time in (for my one person strategy) is things that can just be left, and they will continue to generate income without risk.

    Websites can also be looked on as assets, which isn’t necessarily true of an Adwords account which just happens to be making money this week.

    I also have much larger and longer term plans for startups businesses with well defined business plans and exit strategy.

    Site Clinic: You currently have a very insular internet marketing blog. This blog is about the same age as yours, and often gets as many links in a day as you have in total, other than the links you have from comments that show up in Yahoo.

    A good read is Mike Sansone’s blog

    If you link to people, they tend to subscribe, and then link to you back when they remember something you talked about, or maybe helped inspire a post.

    You would be well advised to use tagging with a plugin like Ultimate Tag Warrior. I have written lots about how links to internal tags are helping me bring in traffic.

    Another thing to think about is what is the point of writing content promoting something to only a couple of readers. Optimize your blog to encourage subscriptions, just like a squeeze page.
    Think of some viral marketing elements, or content that people will really want to link to and send you traffic.

    There is a lot of what came first “the chicken or the egg” with traffic and blogging – if you don’t have traffic and readers you are not going to get links.

  8. Regina J says

    People such as Chris that are successful online aren’t selling their success secrets. It’s all BS! Would YOU? If you were making a million dollars a year from some formula that only you knew about…would you just give away your secret? For 77.00?
    No, I don’t think so! Chris would keep that a secret, and so would you!!!

    The people that are selling success secrets are most likely successful only because people buy into their bogus program.


  9. says

    Hi Regina

    Thanks for commenting, I truly respect your opinions.

    Lots of business consultants charge $300 per hour teaching people how to do various things which I am sure they could also keep to themselves.

    I have made some money from Chris’s last ebook, Affiliate Project X, which mainly focused on some form of product review, well more like overview.

    I have always written product reviews that reflect my true opinion of products, rather than to promote something just because I can earn money from it.

    I purchased Day Job Killer with my own money, I didn’t receive a free sample. I didn’t even use my own affiliate ID to buy it, though I am sure many people who read my review will do just that.

    I haven’t offered a highly specific bonus, which is a way that is taught in Project X. That technique does work.

    I have offered a fairly non-specific bonus, to set up somewhere specifically to help people and brainstorm in private.
    Legally and morally I shouldn’t write about specific techniques in the ebook on my blog here, that wouldn’t be fair to the author.

    I think I have written a fair review of the contents of Day Job Killer. Anyone buying it either through my affiliate link or someone else’s will be able to judge whether what I have written was biased, and I am sure a large number of my readers have already bought this product from somewhere else.

    I am a straight shooter. I won’t be applying many of the techniques in Day Job Killer directly, I will modify them to suit my own perspective on sales and marketing, which is potentially not as profitable, but then I haven’t had to have a day job for a number of years.

    Subscribe to my blog if you just want “free” information.

    However I do have very clear disclosure (unlike 90% of affiliate sites promoting this product) that this is a commercial blog, and I will offer affiliate products once in a while that I feel my audience will benefit from.

  10. says

    Hi Andy,

    Really appreciate your taking the time to give such good advice. While I do well in several online aspects, programming is not my strong suit and it ends up taking me more time than I’d like to get a result inferior to what I want.

    Duly noted though on the viral nature of content and the “squeeze page” idea.

    One mention though, my blog was a clickbank sales letter until October 2006 so it’s a lot newer than this one…

    Keep up the great work, you give so much strong advice one has to work overtime to absorb it all.

  11. says

    I had a 9 month break offline from the start of 2006 – when I restarted I decided to create a new domain and redirect from and – I have documented both moves, and some interesting details on meta redirects.

    Whilst I did still have 20 or so old subscribers to my old niche website blog, effectively this sites readership and traffic is built from scratch.

  12. Luke says

    I’m a new reader on this blog. Never saw it before.

    I came here while looking for bonuses for you know what.

    Your description of what you call “defensive income” is fascinating. I think – or rather I dream – somewhat along those same lines.

    Well, whether you do, or you don’t start the private blog (it didn’t seem you were sure), I feel most comfortable ordering from someone with your type of mindset: long termist and not bending ethical rules for income.

    Clicking through now …


  13. says

    Hi Luke

    Thanks for your confidence

    Everything depends on the number of people as to what method I decide upon, for instance it is very easy to turn WordPress into a forum like system when everyone assigned an user level high enough can post articles, and everyone can comment.
    I can stick something like that on a domain, or maybe even on this domain, behind some password system, and that will provide somewhere to communicate that is easy to manage.
    I also have an option of creating a membership site if sales suddenly increase and I have to cope with more people.

    Most bonuses people download are rarely used or looked at – I am sure I am not the only one with a full hard disk.

    I wrote my review not to maximise sales but to “connect” with like minded people.

    Links from this blog if I was to use a broker are easily worth $60 per month If I was to sell them through a broker, but I would just prefer to link to friends and customers.

  14. says

    Thanks a lot for this excellent review. I wanted to buy this product but I wanted to read some honest reviews and that’s exactly what you have provided. thank you very much for that.

  15. Dan says

    I bought and read through day job killer. One thing I like about Chris is that it is all meat, no fluff. I don’t agree with some of his ethics, but there are some gems that can be applied to be more successful in affiliate marketing. Going with some offline tactics is something many people don’t even think about doing.

  16. says

    Still It is interesting that a competitor beat all the adwords ninjas with free traffic strategies. Adwords campaigns do require constant babysitting, and once the ads have stopped, the traffic stops. I agree with the ‘defensive’ income comment. Adwords may be quick money, but I think affiliates should concentrate on long term traffic that will still flow in for months and years after the campaign.

  17. says


    Got here through google while looking for joomla and article marketer, don’t know why you came up.

    But this topic is interesting.
    Bought the DJK myself and liked it.

    Regarding the ethics, I think Chris as usual writes in a sensational way. Actually many of those actions are what good interpreneurs do all the time. Like getting the best adword position is not unethical at all. It is all technique.

    Sure some technique might go near the edge but you have to know the law as you mentioned above.

    Just my 2 cents.



  18. says

    I have heard and read your name many times through the last few years, and yet i have never actually read your blog! I am glad i stumbled upon it! Quite refreshing! I intend to pass on Day job Killer. Apx was pretty good, but I tend to get to bogged down in the latest and greatest scheme instead of taking action. I think i will continue with my current business model and refine it if results (or lack of ) call for it. Thanks for the link also. I ‘ll link back from somewhere1


  19. says

    Hi Brad

    Glad you dropped by. I decided to spend my time building up my own content rather than the content on other people’s forums, so you won’t see my name around quite as often as in the past.

    If affiliate just gave honest reviews of products there wouldn’t be a need for Ratings Hub or similar sites.
    I don’t actually like Ratings Hub as a concept. If products are intended for use by affiliates, then surely there is a way to have affiliates review them and gain compensation for their effort (if they have made an effort to review the item, and not just sell it to you)

    Different business models suit different people, and it is important to concentrate on things you are already making money from.

  20. says

    Hey Andy – Let me know when you do implement any of the Day Job Killer practices.

    You said you’d be tweaking them to fit your own personal tastes.

    I just want to know if they prove successful for you.

    I’m seriously thinking about plunking down my $77 or $97 bucks.


  21. says

    I’ve tried a few DJK techniques, and I’m striking out so far. There’s one more I need to give a go, but it’s gonna take more time to set up, and time’s the one thing I’ve been short on lately. I think the ideas are sound, but for whatever reason, I can’t put them into practice right now.

  22. Gary Ruplinger says

    That’s a pretty good review of the product, and I agree with it for the most part.

    The part you touched on that most bothered me about the product was “every technique requires financial investment.”

    I don’t have a problem spending money to make money, but there’s a lot more to affiliate marketing than Adwords.

    I was really bummed when he decided to leave out the workhorse 2007 method, which was a method that was supposed to show you how to make money quickly without spending any money.

    I liked Day Job Killer, but I think Affiliate Project X was better.

  23. says

    Gary I agree it wasn’t as good as APX, and if you haven’t read the first book, you would probably get less from the second.

    Just think of this:-

    I found out about the product 7 days before launch
    I had a page published within 4 hours of hearing about it relatively well optimized.
    In some ways my blog is designed like a squeeze page
    I didn’t try to maximise the sales, I gave an honest review, and people appreciated it.
    I achieved an opt-in rate to my feed subscription of approximately 10% – those are smart people who were searching for real information, and decided to hang around.
    The value of those subscribers far surpasses the typical forced opt-in to get a bonus

    I have managed to maintain a good search position despite being on a relatively new domain with less backlinks and authority than some of the other blogs that posted reviews

    There is a high chance I made a lot less money than the bum marketers using Squidoo, or the Adwords + big bonus guys, but I definitely exceeded my goals.

    Hopefully you have achieved the results you wanted with your own offer and bonuses.

  24. mark says

    Very good review about the Day job killer but like Gary mention above I think affiliate project x is better.

  25. mark says

    I posted the wrong link before. I found another review about the day job killer program.

  26. says

    I don’t class that as being a review. It was pure pre-sell and could have been written without even buying the ebook. In fact it is quite possible it was written without buying the ebook.

  27. says

    DJK seemed to come awfully fast on the heels of APX. Could be Chris was wanting to ride the wave before it hit the shore? I agree that APX is, at least for me, more informative.

  28. Tolana says

    I found your site searching for “day job killer forum” in an attempt to connect with other people who are using DJK methods.

    I agree that Adwords are short-term income, but my aim at the moment is to make a quick influx of cash, so that’s OK by me.

    The problem is that I don’t seem to be replicating the results even though I’m doing my best to follow the Adwords instructions in DJK. I was searching for forums in the hopes of trading ideas and solutions.

    I also checked the “FAQ” on the DJK site — no help there, but Chris did write that he is working on additions to DJK for the beginners out there (like me I guess), so maybe DJK will become more accessible. I hope that he’ll offer that content to customers for free, but I’m not holding my breath.

    And I’m adding your site to my “must read” list. :)

  29. says

    1 Full disclosure – I’m a fan of both APX and DJK – see my reviews at Squidoo under “ClickbankProductReviews”.

    2 There’s an interesting message “between the lines” in DJK.

    It is the implicit acknowledgement that the convenient and accessible “Clickbank+Adwords” formula is now so competitive that it’s tough to better break-even on an initial sale (even with name-squeeze + auto-responder followup).

    Inescapable conclusion being that you need:

    a) product portfolio and follow-up systems in place to maximize customer value with repeat sales at increasing price points

    b) to explore and exploit less competitive marketplaces beyond Clickbank

    3 My take on Chris’s own strategy is that THE MONEY REALLY IS IN THE LIST – so:

    a) Use Adwords to quickly build a list big enough to qualify for JVs. Adôpt a clear and differentiated “positioning” for your marketing style (as did Kelly Felix). Chris exploits “bash the establishment/beat the system” outlaw sentiments.

    b) Use JVs (giving away most of the revenue) to build a BIG list quickly with solid and provocative own product

    c) Back-end sell that list with more own product (for fun and profit). Product keynote is to stay provocative and try to offer at least something original. Doesn’t have to be big or fancy.

    d) JV sell other people’s product for a lion’s share of the margin (i.e. milk the list hard for lots of pure profit)

    e) To come – further ways to monetize (or capitalize?) a large list of proven buyers (affiliate programs + big ticket coaching/teleseminars + ? who knows)

    Chris is a smart cookie – and good luck to him.

    PS Who did the sales letter for APX? It was a classic for the Hall of Fame.
    Couldn’t have been Chris himself – the style and grammar is quite different from the doggerel prose of the APX product – thankfully he had the wit to have DJK script copy edited, because it is much more readable.

  30. Abby Issey says

    Hey Andy, thanks for the informative review post on DJK. It was really a sincere one. But truthfully speaking I agree that its impossible without a list.

    [Moderated – links to Squidoo lenses aimed at promoting a product don’t count as personal links about you, and thus break my comments policy ]

  31. Abby Issey says

    Hey Andy, one more thing.. How long did you take to set this blog up? It is really user friendly.

    You know what I think. JV is still the best ways to make money online. It should be the ultimate Day Job Killer.

    Thanks again.

  32. says

    This blog is just a work-in-progress

    I only make small changes, and then write about what I changes, and most of the time it takes 10x longer to write about the changes than make the change itself.

    Implementation time for most things to do with WordPress is minutes rather than hours.

    Learning how to implement the change takes much longer.

    I have removed the links from both comments because they break my comments policy, and I apply it equally.

    • says

      Yes JV = Joint Venture

      In marketing circles there are various mailing lists for top affiliates to get information on new products, and sometimes preferential affiliate pricing or income from sales.

      Affiliate backend systems have special features to allow them to have pricing set on multiple tiers for their best performing affiliates.
      Special pricing and conditions is however the exception, rather than the rule.

  33. says

    day job killer?well,i think it is unreal though.because if this is true,everyone will be earning like mad and it is quite impossible because there is a certain amount of money which is only available that are up for grabs.most likely we will slog ourselves and in the end being killed by the job

  34. Fleece says

    Hey Andy,

    Awesome Blog / Review. The most straight up forum I have found on DJK to date.

    I have read right through this page and have yet to read a success story. Does anybody have any stats on a campaign they have run successfully using Chris’s methods.

    Cheers. Fleece.

    • says

      To be honest I don’t think many of the techniques are as viable now without some significant automation.

      Lots of tools are now being sold to automate the tasks of finding competitors to squeeze out of the PPC listings, and most of the information if not all is fairly widely dispersed on internet marketing forums.

      I think most people have moved on to tools such as Zamdoo, Affiliate Radar, Affiliate Elite etc, and in the support forums for such products you will find much better information and specific training far beyond ebooks.