My 3 Year Old Just Sent His First Tweet (Do You Think He Has Taste?)

First let me say, one of the best ways to get authority links is to help people, or be the first to notify people about a possible problem. Thus a big thanks to James at Online IT Guide for sending me an email to let me know of a potential hack of my Twitter account.

Here is the evidence

Youtube Twitter Hacked? ORLY

That is frightening… the chance that I was hacked as well.

The Trail Of Evidence

  • My son was in the other room
  • My wife’s laptop is open with a Youtube video playing Big Green Tractor
  • The tweet was sent via one of the new tweet buttons and has @youtube – not a guarantee my account hasn’t been hacked, but a fair chance some legitimate “interaction” has taken place.
  • He normally uses Chrome not Firefox – it is possible I have logged in to Twitter on my wife’s laptop and saved the cookie

On the laptop he is not logged in to Youtube as me – he has his own Youtube account with a playlist of songs he likes (other than the ones that have now been moved to Vevo which we can’t access)

Verdict:- A 3 Year Old Tweeted A Miley Cyrus Video To 10,000 Marketing Geeks

I still can’t work out how a 3 year old can:-

  • Click a Share button below a video
  • Then click a specific Twitter button to actually tweet
  • Then somehow “send” the tweet

It is possible he found a link somewhere on Youtube that was formatted to Tweet the video, or even an advert.. he clicks those all the time – I sometimes feel guilty but he is a consumer, a future buyer and “get’em early” – he has good taste in cars.

Maybe hot keys?

Anyway… no I am not back on Twitter and it seems my son likes older women.

Youtube & Twitter both have an interface even a 3 year old can use.

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  1. says

    Thats so cute. I wish my 4 year old nice could tweet for me. Imagine the relationship i could build with others without moving a finger. Or is that child labor? hmm

    btw maybe he saw a YouTube tutorial on how to do such a thing.

  2. says

    Well Andy, that’s a really interesting story… But i recall, that a relative of mine was shocked, when his 9 month old boy brought him the cd of black eyed peas crawling on his arse (the kid can’t even walk!) when he was talking to a friend about that band. I think we underestimate children ;)

    But when it comes to intuitive and good design, websites always have huge / appealing call to action buttons. I’m sure your 3yr old is smart enough to click one of those!

  3. says

    WoW Andy! The mere thought of a 3 yr old doing such blows ones mind. However, these things do happen. Then one asks, where am I in the current internet age? hope to seemore insights from your articles.

  4. Katie @ Headway Them says

    Hahaha I’m loving this. I actually laughed at “it seems my son likes older women.”

  5. says

    “Youtube & Twitter both have an interface even a 3 year old can use.”

    In the case of Twitter, that’s fortunate, else they’d have half the traffic. ;)

  6. Discount Pond Supplies says

    I personally wouldn’t be too surprised if it was your son. If you son is anything like my daughter, then he probably finds his way around the computer and your phone rather well. It is entertaining to watch my daughter play games now on the computer and she is only 4!

    • says

      hehe – I should pay more attention to UK politics as I missed that obvious connection – that being said sending a video recommendation from Youtube is a far more substantial acheivement for a 3 year old.

  7. says

    Ha! If he can tweet at 3 years old, imagine what he’ll be able to do on the ‘net by the time he’s 12! or 20!

  8. Thomas says

    Hey Andy, it’s crazy that your young son sent his first Tweeter message, as I’ve been into internet marketing and social media for quite some time now and I still do NOT even have a Twitter account, LOL!

    Who knows, if you’re son can send messages out with Twitter, who knows what he’ll be able to do by the time he’s a teenager, LOL!

    Thomas LK Anderson

  9. says

    Kids are way smarter now. They watch everything and grasp everything happening around. Just try to channelize energy and brain in positive direction.

  10. says

    I sincerely believe that there is a proper age children should be exposed to computers and mobile phones. Even though I’m kind of a geek myself. And then later (as late as possible) should they be exposed to the net. In between they shoould be exposed to computer programming to make sure that they become creative producers and not consumers of content. I’m not saying that you are a bad parent or things like that. Just that there is a proper (mental) age for anything. Of course if your kid is a genius, so be it.

    • says

      It is a progressive thing

      One day I had him on my lap infront of my computer and decided to show him some tractor videos and Gumi Bear – then I set up a playlist with a selection for him to have playing on a 42″ TV connected to his computer (my old desktop) – then he would tell me which other videos he wanted me to click on, then he wanted to do it himself.
      He knows how to switch on the computer, knows which icon to double click to start Chrome, and then the startup screen shows his youtube channel to click on.

  11. Ex Back says

    Who wouldn’t laugh at this…?

    My daughter is three and knows her way around the computer better than my wife or I… The generation of the Millenials (interesting name), I still like my place in time.

  12. says

    The kids are getting obsessed by internet & Tech nowadays, actually we are the one who are ruining their lifestyle as kids. Well, they should be more kept involved in outdoor games & other interactive things. Maybe you consider him genius!

  13. Willenhall Plasterer says

    My 2yr old is a whizz with my iPhone lol.
    It’s amazing how quick kids pick up technology.
    As the advances in technology nowadays weren’t available years & years ago.
    Just shows how the human brain adapts etc ;)

  14. marketingfirm says

    Interesting Post. It may be like you said…an option to tweet or resend. A lot of videos and sites now basically make it as easy as a click to mass spread a message or video. I guess this can be a good thing and a bad thing…especially if your not a miley fan or fan of what is automatically being shared.

  15. phoenixcarpetcleaner says

    That is funny and scary. The same thing happened to me but with a video that should of not even been allowed on youtube to begin with.

  16. Commercial Building says

    It might be like you said…an choice to tweet or resend. A allotment of videos and sites now fundamentally make it as so straightforward as a bang to mass disperse a note or video. I estimate this can be a good thing and a awful thing…

  17. Georgia says

    HaHa! Do you remember what we used to do as mischievous 3 year olds? I need to google digital mudpie.

    These kids have it so good nowadays. We were all worried about the digital divide years ago, but it looks like most of the adults are on the wrong side of that (and we were worried about the kids) :)

  18. says

    That is certainly an interesting read, as mentioned above that is why social networking has really taken center stage on the internet is because people of all ages can use it.

  19. says


    I thinks kids now are getting High Tech with facebook around and Twitter. Social Media University can even develop the new generation. But still for parents we still need to guide our children.

  20. says

    A very interesting situation, seems your kid is following your steps. Nether the less i think everyone should be aware that twitter accounts can be hacked. I personally use a couple of antispyware programs, and always use strong passwords on accounts such as twitter, facebook…

  21. says

    So wats the punishment? :D
    That was a cute post! Hey even I have a 2 year old hovering around my lap most of the time and God knows how many videos he have posted already in my twitter acc! Time to check my twitter acc!

    • says

      No punishment – I thought it was funny and my own fault / life lesson to not log in and save login details, even on my wife’s computer.

  22. Cancer Doctor says

    I wonder why a 3 year old is even online in the first place. My daughter is 2 and we dont even let her touch the thing. Often it is left on the couch and she knows not to push the buttons. But to let that young of a child play on there with your knowledge… buy some toys people!

    • says

      He doesn’t get to play with my laptop, and rarely with my wife’s.. which is why we didn’t notice that I had previously logged into Twitter on her laptop using Chrome before it supported Lastpass.

      There are lots of things kids can do on a PC – did you see the Microsoft adverts with the 4 year old sending pictures to her grandparents?

  23. modemfish says

    I think any kid who isn’t tech savy by the time they start school is going today is going to be the odd one out.

  24. says

    I must say, I initially thought this was very sweet, but I can’t help to think about how he could actually have done that. Pure luck?

    None the less – earlier tonight I read an interesting story on the GetResponse blog: Today a 13 year old kid signed up for his own account (father gave permission). That young man certainly has a bright future if he starts list building at such a young age!

    Amazing these kids!

  25. says

    I think we have a different generation right now compared 10 years ago. The evolution of technologies has gone wild and of course this includes a 3 year old who knew how to use twitter. This kid is just very amazing and maybe after another decade we can hear grade school have created a new software. It’s just really amazing.

    • says

      He is bright, but I wouldn’t claim he knew what he was doing. He knows how to use a mouse and click on things on the screen.
      Thus for instance:-
      he can switch on the computer
      wait for it to boot up
      knows he has to wait until the system is fully loaded
      knows what the icon for his painbox software looks like
      and knows how to double-click the icon.

      Once the software is loaded he knows how to navigate different images, clear the image, select colours etc

      Likewise he knows how to open Chrome and click the image that takes him straight to Youtube with his playlist, and then can navigate by clicking on pictures.

      It is a very visual process… he only knows a few letters of the alphabet and can write his name.

      In many ways it is random chance that he clicked the right things to post a tweet, or there is some method I haven’t yet discovered that makes it too easy.

  26. Hans says

    It’s really not that easy to send a tweet that fast. I guess he just clicked a few buttons, like all children do when they don’t know what to do. Kids learn by pressing buttons that they often end up somewhere else.

  27. says

    That’s craziness! Now, imagine what would happen if your 3 year old could read, like those kids in the “Your Baby Can Read” infomercials! You’d have to lock everything down!

    • says

      He is 4 in February… he will be reading more than just his name by then… yep then I will be worried.

      It does make it harder that he is also learning 2 languages at once

  28. says

    Well, either you were hacked or it’s true what they say about how today’s marketing trends are being effectively focussed on a younger and younger audience. LOL!

    Maybe there was some combination of youth targeting, subliminal suggestion & reactional marketing going on in that video that got your kid to click. Well, maybe that sounds a little too ‘Conspiracy Theory.’

    Anyway, I loved the story. Thanks for sharing.

  29. says

    I hear teaching sign language along with verbal language exercises parts of the brain the enhances a childs learning. Now if your kid realy did figure out how to tweet 10,000 people he may not really need it. :)

  30. Internet Providers says

    You would be surprised what a 3 or 4 year old can do and understand. If he watches you on the computer, he has probably seen you do something similar and just copied what he saw.

  31. says

    Its too early for your kid to tweet. Kids learn what they see. Its just the flash memory that is working. Give your kids some quality time so that they can share their feelings with you. Technology is not always the right thing to learn, time is the factor, that should be kept in mind for healthy living for kids.

  32. says

    There are some crazy unexplained things our kids seem to do. Twitter is catching on to the kids.but then again I thought that twitter was trending downward, maybe the analysts forcasts are all wrong. I have two kids of my own and few times I have been suprised what they can do already.

  33. says

    Hopefully the new and improved twitter will have a bit more smart security measures in place. Then again, could it be your alter ego is a Miley Cyrus fan and finally letting it all out in a drunken type rant?

      • says

        Hi Vlad

        Still working on it though things have been delayed a bit due to other stuff.

        Different soulations gets different things right, for instance one solution might have had your websites correct and you might have been immediately logged in to a nice profile – need to put all the pieces together.

  34. says

    What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing that. I was laughing in my seat. This is my first time visiting your blog, but I will definitely be back.
    Thanks for brightening my day.
    And maybe you should sign your son up for his own Twitter account. I would follow him!

  35. says

    Hahaha I Love It! @Mesa Susan I agree he deff. needs his own account. Keep us posted on what else happens. Thank you for this.

  36. says

    My daughter spent $30 on iTunes just tonight. They really need to improve the system so that each sale has to be approved. If the phone is left on anyone can come along and do their thing

    • says

      10 years ago I set up 2 network PCs with force feedback steering wheels for a family Christmas party and a driving game, Midtown Madnees or similar title (it has been a while) – A 5 year old was coping extremely well.
      This Christmas my son will be 2 months off 4 years and we are strongly thinking about doing the same as he is already doing fairly well with Need For Speed Underground 2 (still a fairly old game)
      I expect him to have lots of accidents, but it will be easier than keyboard which he copes with already to a certain extent and he has been training on a push along tractor for 2 years and well versed in power slides.

  37. says

    Wow, I sometimes let my 5 year old watch stuff on youtube if I bring up a list for him, stuff like spiderman etc etc. Im going to give it a long think now whether or how he could do something similar.

  38. says

    And here I was thinking about when I was changing my four month old daughter at my friend’s house. Her four year old son curiously came to look and then said “wow..she hasn’t even grown her penis yet” … we’ve known kids say the darndest things … do I smell a new book/show/website/blog of kids doing the darndest things on today’s web2.0 sites? (thanks for bringing a smile to my face) (and a bit of a worry too what my daughter will have access to in four years)

  39. says

    I think this story is cute. In the natural remedies niche social media is a must. It does raise the question however… “what age is appropriate for this?”… But as a 40 something that started using computers as an adult, I feel it is good to get children using them early. The world is not going backwards, but we do need to protect them as parents and decide what is age appropriate. Trying to keep up with the fast pace of the internet, social media and other technology is difficult for someone who got into it late. But to be successful in home remedies it is a must. The sooner we can get our children comfortable with technology the better they will be able to adjust to it`s fast pace changes as they get older. Still…. 3 years old… hmmm

  40. says

    I’m developing an alternative theory to explain these events: Andy has developed a liking for the energetic, feel good vibes of teen songstress Miley Cyrus. Though afraid of the effect this will have on his internet street cred, he can keep it secret no longer and tweets his favourite video to the aforementioned 10,000 marketing geeks. But the reaction is not good! The marketing geeks frown upon Andy’s love of Miley Cyrus! He needs a way out, and seeing no other course of action, he does the unthinkable – he uses his 3 year old son as a scapegoat and avoids the shame. How could you, Andy?

    P.S. Just kidding, Andy. A 3 year old with a mouse is an unpredictable creature!