Podcast with Irish Attitude

If you are someone who likes to listen to podcasts on blogging and tech issues, you might like to give Paul’s new podcast a try.

It is “down to earth” rather than full of hype (as you would expect from an Irishman), and my first impressions of it are very good (and that is not because I got a mention in the first episode).

Paul concentrates on key issues such as a followup to the krak.dk scandal, and also discussing linking and A-list bloggers.

It is actually ironic that while Robert Scoble was making a big issue about other A-lists not linking to him in regards the Intel chip news, Paul has a very hard time gaining a-list coverage of the Krak deep linking issue, despite it making the front page of Digg.

The Krak.dk scandal is actually a bigger news story than Intel’s new chips. What Krak are doing threatens the integrity of the the internet and the way linking on the internet might be abused by larger websites who offer great linkbait, and then charge you for linking to them a few years later.

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