Rojo Splogs and Attribution


Om Malik recent was taking a look at Rojo from a traffic perspective. What he didn’t touch on, although he did refer to a previous post, was that the Rojo page was actually a very poor quality splog.

This is the page he linked to

With the pages being indexed and monetized, that would make Rojo a splog by many people’s terminology, in fact most.

In many ways Rojo are not even giving correct attribution for content that they might be able to use commercially, because they are not citing sources very well in the eyes of the search engines.
Here is an example link, showing how they are using a redirect:-

It should be noted that the link points to Feedburner, but I assume GigaOm has a pro account with Feedburner that might do some kind of SEO friendly redirect.

It is possible that the Rojo link is also being followed, but it is a little hard to check. It is certainly not a “clean link”.

As an example here is a Yahoo search

The page itself contains 3 Adsense adverts, so Rojo, owned by Six Apart, are monetizing other people’s full feed content, and not even giving a reliable backlink so that search engines can work out the original source.

From what I remember, at least Bitacle gave you a back link.

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