10 Article Killers – Free Article Marketing Ebook

10 Article Killers is another new site just launched, based on the “Death of Adsense” backend system, thus they pay a small amount for people referred ($1), offer a small bonus (unknown) for getting 5 signups, and also have a decent one-time offer.

The free ebook is based around spinning multiple copies of the same article, and submitting these “unique” articles as widely as possible.

I personally don’t believe in the value of article spinning to try to create “unique” content, even if it is based upon your own material. The ebook concentrates mainly on manual submission, and personal approaches to having your article listed on niche websites.

Whilst it does suggest deep linking, there is no mention of deep linking to the original version of your article on your own site.

It is however a useful second opinion to my own article marketing strategy, the one-time offer might be useful for someone wanting to experiment with a different approach to the one I recommend, and it is free to download (well you have to give up your email address)

I am intrigued about the mystery bonus, so this is a referral link or here is a plain link.

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  1. says

    Thanks for this .. I’ve just signed up under your referral, hopefully I’ll get to take a look at the Ebook soon. Seems really interesting.

  2. says

    The ebook isn’t a revelation. I think my blog post, whilst it expresses a different opinion, also goes into why I believe a different strategy is better. The same could be true reading the Ezine Articles Blog. If you ever comment there, be prepared for long drawn out discussions in your email that can go on for weeks.

    The article Spinning tool is one of the best available for use with your own content, so the one-time offer is a good deal.
    The ebook – I felt disappointed, as I was hoping for something earth-shattering that would change my perspective. It didn’t.

  3. says

    “I personally don’t believe in the value of article spinning to try to create “unique” content”

    Exactly!! So many people think it’s all about the links and don’t care if if reads like an 8 year old wrote it. I haven’t checked out your article marketing strategy but I’m guessing it’s similar to mine and I’ve been very successful in my article marketing campaigns.

  4. says

    I don’t really think that spinning an article you wrote 5 times is that great of an idea… there is a process that a writer goes through when he/she writes something and changing it up in this way could make it un-readable .. or may make you look like you don’t know what you are talking about… that could bring down your credibility….

  5. srakonda says

    Article marketing without article article spinning is a waste of time.. Because we will get very less number of backlinks without article spinning incorporated in the article marketing concept..

  6. says

    Article spinning is a innovative technique can dramatically increase your Site’s incoming traffic. Article spinning is the method of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags. The new contents are completely your own, so there is no plagiarism issues.