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So How Can You Get uQast For Free?

uQast For Free

  • Be patient – eventually a version will be launched with a reduced feature set. You won’t have a /yourname or /yourkeyword URL and someone may even be using yours if it is at all competitive – a bit like domain names
    I don’t own andybeard.com Youtube.com/andybeard myspace.com/andybeard skype:andybeard and probably quite a few more.
    I regret not grabbing hold of those when they were available
    The exact details of the reduced feature set are not decided or I haven’t details, plus the feature set is a moving target with continual innovation. uQast Pro users will remain on the leading edge.
  • Join the uQast affiliate program – I know it is a little corny but as an affiliate all you have to do is refer one person to uQast as you get UQast Pro for free. I am not sure whether that covers some of the other bonuses such as the V.I.P launch seminar or the magazine subscription, but it is a very fair deal.
    If you have a number of SEO clients this is an easy way to rack up one or more valuable media profiles that they control with high quality multimedia presentations and lead capture. It could possibly pay for itself with affiliate referrals as well.
    This is just the affiliate program for the launch – after launch everyone who has a uQast account is a uQast affiliate.
  • Domaining – in theory there is a “domaining like” opportunity for premium names, though be warned there isn’t an interface set up to handle transfers – not strickly free but potentially a way to offset the cost of a portfolio

Why & Who Should Sign Up As A Founding Affiliate?

    I am going to avoid “forward looking” statements about features that are just on the drawing board or have yet to be implemented.
    This is intended to be “no hype” – my own evaluation of the potential of uQast some of it based upon what I initially saw in the platform, and partially from my work with the uQast team.

  • Amazon S3 For Free – with some caveats

    If you look on using Amazon S3 for hosting streaming video for your sales pages or members areas, uQast can currently provide a very useful service with no bandwidth charges ever for uQast Pro users. This is especially useful for anyone doing a product launch where the bandwidth costs can be significant.
    10,000 optins watching 400MB of video is 4000GB of data – that is probably at least $500 in fees with Amazon S3. With Kajabi that is $1880.
    What you can’t offset in this way are things like theme CSS files, javascript & images for which you might use a conventional CDN service.

  • Reputation Management With Lead Capture

    It is my belief that uQast is going to become an unsurpassed platform for lead capture from syndicated media. I have written blog posts about how unhappy I am with current offerings.

    If you have clients with budget (my readership between them probably have 100,000 clients with budget) – now is the time to get in, secure their names and keywords and not have to pay $200/month which is what I have heard the uQast Pro will eventually be priced at.

    uQast will be a landing page of choice to push up to the top of the SERPs for your clients because they will be able to present great content, and capture leads directly.

    I should note this isn’t a “Leapfish” like pitch – there are no guaranteed search rankings or placement for buying a URL with a uQast Pro listing that I am aware of. Rankings internally are based on quality, and external are in the hands of Google & Bing.
    A URL might offer a small SEO benefit, but the biggest effect is for branding.

  • Existing sellers

    If you are selling digital products already, this is another marketplace that you can leverage. You might make some extra sales. The product listings are based upon a patent pending algorithm which focuses on quality and reviews, not how much money you have to pay for advertising – oh and being listed is free.
    Some systems focus only on the newest products currently being promoted – the hope is that products on uQast will have significant longevity with an emphasis on quality not hype.

  • Upsell System

    For those selling digital products the upsell system in uQast is extremely easy to implement and doesn’t have some of the restrictions of competing services.
    Of note is you can track the upsell process whilst maintaining session for Google Analytics.
    Up until relatively recently the popular solution for 1-click upsells was Infusionsoft – $300/month for the version with cart and affiliate program. Then there is the added cost of reliable integration and support – I have seen figures of $15k-$20k mentioned by multiple people though there are cheaper alternatives.
    I have tried other systems, but the technology wasn’t necessarily as straight forward as you might assume from the sales information, and they relied on having your own merchant account.
    Clickbank can do upsells but last I heard that was limited to existing high volume partners.

  • No Merchant Account

    Some people don’t have a merchant account or would have great difficulty geting one for a number of reasons, yet a merchant account or the equivalent from Paypal is the only way to do an upsell chain effectively – all uQast sales are processed by uQast – they handle all transactions, product delivery, refunds, chargebacks (cross fingers very few) etc
    Don’t ask me how much the fees are – in testing they were set somewhere below that offered by competing market places.
    I also can’t say how long it takes to receive funds – likely initially it would be subject to the refund period – I am not going to speculate on longer term possibilities.

  • Revenue & Actions

    You can’t currently include opt-in forms, micropayment and a shopping cart in many other competing offerings. Ooyala does some of it but at a price – I believe Slideshare can do lead generation on a video embed, but that uses their proprietary system which as far as I am aware doesn’t post directly to your autoresponder forms.
    Note: uQast does not currently support document embeds.
    Some of the players that support payment or lead generation “in the player” actually achieve this using javascript. Whilst it is technically possible to get that working for viral syndication, I have yet to see anyone do it and there are other complications.

  • Free player

    The cost of players can add up depending on which you use. JW Player isn’t free for commercial use yet I often see “6 figure” & “7 figure” marketers using an unlicensed player. Flowplayer in theory you can use the GPL version as I believe is used with some Amazon S3 solutions – I have never seen any WordPress plugin or other solution that actually used all the features of these players in a user friendly way – some come close, but add other incompatibilities

    Note: Forward looking statement – There is a major issue with hosting your own player… trust – to get a player accepted for embedding in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress.com, Google Buzz & appearing in Google Reader the owners of those sites need to trust the code. That isn’t something that will ever happen for self hosted code for small sites.
    If your long-term media strategy is based on using your own player, no matter how well the player is coded you are guaranteed reduced virality.
    The best you can expect if you used html5 is that the html5 video would be shown, but without your custom features.

    This is a forward looking statement in that achieving trust and geting the coding right for uQast will also be a long term currently unfulfilled goal, but as an established community it is a goal that is at least achievable.

My Offer For uQast

As I have mentioned in the comments it is hard to dedicate a huge amount of time for an extended period, and I have full time obligations currently with the uQast team in various ways.
However both for work and in various communities I have experienced the immense value of being a member of private chat groups on Skype. So I am going to set up a private Skype group for all my uQast Pro referrals where they will have direct access to me, and to each other. That means there is a little bit of a self help aspect if I am not around for an extended period of time, but I generally have Skype on most of the day.
The intention isn’t as a general chat room – high signal to noise.

I expect for this founders launch that room is going to be pretty exclusive for a few months and will help people get up to speed fast. Even if it ends up one-on-one that just hopefully means it is just better signal to noise.

It is also in some ways a benefit to me to get direct feedback from customers, though my bandwidth is limited.

This won’t be a route to unannounced information or special access to features, but there are likely some methods to do things that work better than others, strategy discussions etc which would be worthwhile.
This is not intended to be a supplemental channel for support issues of various kinds, as for many of those kinds of problems I am certainly not the person to contact
It also isn’t hand holding, and would most likely suit more advanced users with some technical skill.

Here is an affiliate link again so I can track things

It is hard to place a real world value on such a group/room – one SEO membership I belong to has such a group on Skype of typically 60 people and at times that can get a little noisy as there is general chat, but the level of direct feedback from experienced people is unsurpassed. The value certainly exceeds the $30/month you might pay for that if that is the type of community you can gain a return on time invested from.

As noted in my previous post, I have been subverted/assimilated by uQast and am working for/with them full time in various ways. Thus whilst I try not to be biased I am sure in some ways I am – I am aware of future plans, whatever bugs might be lurking etc, but I am trying to portray things as neutrally as I can and avoiding any hype.

This service is in many ways the successor to FreeIQ, but retains hardly any of the old code (which was pretty good and ahead of its time) – FreeIQ & uQast were founded by Brad Fallon who also is a founder & CEO of Stompernet.
I personally look on uQast and Stompernet as different entities (and legally they are). uQast isn’t about training – it is a software-as-a-service platform that enables stuff you can’t do anywhere else.

If you are not inclined to comment publicly, and you have questions my contact form is available or you can always find me on Skype:call-andybeard .

You really don’t want your clients stuck with uQast.com/HGDFSREW/brandname or uQast.com/LJHTDRSW/keyword

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  1. Mike @ amerelle switch plates says

    I sounds pretty sweet. I might have to check it out. Does it have a learning curve, or can I just set up and have my media up and running?

    • says

      Other than upload time and if necessary time to transcode your video it is possible to have something online in a matter of minutes.

      It is pretty much like using any other video site but with a few more fields to fill out such as a custom email greeting to customers, or a sales letter. If a purely informational video some people might add a full transcript to the page.

      It takes a little more work to understand how the upsell system works and how best to set up your pages.

  2. T says

    Hi, I would appreciate it if you could answer a couple of my questions: What is the difference between the different levels of uQast accounts: for example, Founding Affiliate vs. next level? What is the advantage to a uQast Pro account? Do you get one as a Founding Affiliate?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • says

      All I can say is that the “founding affiliates” or “founding content providers” which is effectively the same by a different name get all access plus all the additional pro bonuses – and they get access now… well I think after the dust has settled slightly as is typical of launches.
      They will be the people who have product in place for any public launch though I don’t have full details of dates as to when that will be, and what plans will be available at that time.

      The feature set is continuing to evolve and uQast Pro users will have access to all of it. Founding Affiliates/Content providers get uQast Pro as part of their offering.

      The one feature “set in stone” that will only be available to pro users is custom URLs uQast.com/youkeyword

      I don’t know if there will ever be some kind of “mid level” or exactly which features might be available to free users. Everyone on the site will be able to promote the content as an affiliate.

      The only account type available at this time and officially defined is this founding affiliate offer

  3. Bulkinfo says

    I will to check it out. Does it have a learning curve, or can I just set up and have my media up and running? And how to use this free?

    • says

      Yes there is a learning curve – it really depends on how complex an integration you attempt.

      You can however get a video up and running in minutes. That doesn’t mean If you join today that you will have video you can embed anywhere immediately as this is a prelaunch offer to get the site populated with quality content.

      The fully free offer will not be available until next year.

  4. says

    I will definitely check out uQast. This sounds great, and especially if there is a free version coming soon. The video integration sounds like a big plus. Thanks for taking the time to write this post explaining everything. I look forward to finding out more.

    • says

      For an established brand like Adiamor this is what I would do.

      Sign up as an affiliate

      Buy an account using your own affiliate link (I did suggest people visit that link for a reason)
      Buy additional URLs to showcase specific product ranges – they work out pretty cheap when buying as your own affiliate.
      Upload media to those URLs such as videos on how to clean your engagement ring, how to select the perfect diamond etc.
      Link from those profiles back to your site to key related pages.
      Interlink the various media showcases/storefronts

      As long as the videos are educational not just promotional that use as far as I am concerned would be appropriate.

      There are also a few other alternatives that will be possible that might provide additional benefit, but I want to steer clear of features that haven’t been implemented.

  5. says

    I love the perspective from one who is embedded inside the trenches. Your tone of neutrality does resonate on a higher frequency as a voice of reason. While nothing is 100% perfect, I can see the potential magnitude for high demand for such rich media being delivered on a rich platform AND there are just too many pluses to enumerate. Your delineation of each point is greatly appreciated. Yours, Jae Smith :รพ

  6. says

    What a compliment, Andy. Your article is inspiring and informative which in turn inspired my response. You provide a much needed service to the industry and I am a definite subscriber from now on. Have a wonderful and productive week and a very Merry Christmas! Yours, Jae :)

  7. says

    I really enjoyed reading this post, I was just wondering do you trade featured articles or blog posts. Thanks for sharing your Blog with others.

    • says

      Hi Jim – I very rarely under exceptional circumstance write a post exclusively for other sites, and this site is 100% my content. No guest posts, no press releases etc.

      Nothing personal, but I hate reading blogs which are full of guest posts.

    • says

      It is impossible for someone to share success with uqast currently because we haven’t got the shopping cart switched on for use by Founding affiliates.

      If you are looking for some kind of magic bullet solution uQast isn’t it – we look on all new founding affiliates as partners in the business and bend over backwards to help them, but it isn’t some kind of instant money press.

  8. says

    Uqast being free is quite a surprise. Now a lot of stuff is given away for free with the intention of you becoming a paying customer, but Andy makes some really good points. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be checking it out.

    • says

      The intent for uQast is to make money when our users use the service and make money from it. The current paid options are for people who will make the most of the advanced features already implemented, and are future proof with the top tier of features locked in.

      I am avoiding speculation on the features coming down the track at this time, but my honest belief is that those who sign up at this time will be very glad they did.

  9. Patrik Smith says

    Ive been using uQast for a while now, and i can say that it works pretty fine. I have got some problems, i do not know how to solve. Is there a board for uQast somewhere?

    • says

      Based upon my records, you don’t have a uQast account.

      We try extremely hard to support all new founding affiliates, including direct contact details with the uQast founders and try to handle support issues through http://support.uqast.com or mailing support [at] uqast.com

    • says

      You can use uQast in any country where the US government doesn’t have trade restrictions in place, so as far as I know Brazil is fine, though we don’t have a portuguese localized version yet.

  10. says

    This sound totally cool. Clicking through to the uCast site shows well – slick, lead capture, etc. – great sales page. I am definitely going to look at this in more detail. Thanks for the post.

  11. says

    I’m passing for now on the uQast stuff, but I will say this much about Brad…

    I got “Stomping The Search Engines 2.0″ by StomperNet when it first came out and I was a brand spankin new blogger. I used their strategies (having NO idea what I was doing except to do what they told me too)… and 4 months later, my new blog skipped Google PR-1 and went straight to PR-2!

    Anyway, those guys are definitely smart! Thanks for letting me blab at 1:30 am ;)

    Stay Boosted!

    Gary Anderson
    aka- @GanderCo

    • says

      I would certainly go back an look at it again Gary – toolbar PageRank (TBPR) is so out of date and so skewed and manipulated whatever minimal worth it used to have is fading fast.
      A single link can make a site appear to be PR7. There is a lot more to the search algos than that.

      • says

        I’m always open to learn more about SEO and I “do” understand the inconsistencies and the “maybe so’s” and “maybe not’s” about Google PR. I understand that a sites’ PR changes daily, but Google only tells us whenever they feel like updating the PR information.

        So, as I was using SEOMoz’s tools just last week, it appeared that my site “should be” close to a PR-3. But Google had not given an update since April 2010 (I believe it was April). Which brings me to this very small bit of news….

        Approximately 3 days ago (Jan. 18-ish), Google “did” update the PR info. My poor ugly little-ole blog got bumped to PR-3 just like SEOMoz predicted.

        Google PR is / has been a “so-so” way to estimate a sites authority and ranking ability, but it is / has been the only gauge to use (that “this” newbie was aware of anyway :) ), until recently when I discovered SEOMoz’z tools. What do you think?

        I’m always open to be taught. Stay Boosted!


        • says

          That is the difference between toolbar PageRank and the real stuff – the real thing has value – the toolbar really doesn’t.

          Plus the update wasn’t really an update. I have posts on my home page from September 2010 that still aren’t showing any visible Google juice. TBPR used to offer a little value in looking at internal link structures or as an indicaiton of a possible issue, but it isn’t any more.

          Google update they real PageRank continuously. A page effectively has PageRank as soon as it is published, and Google also use prediction in some way in determining the future importance of a page but allocating that attribution in advance of actually calculating it.

          • says

            Sorry Andy, I didn’t see this comment until just now. Thanks for your info, this is why I’m leaning towards (not fully decided permenantly) using SEOMoz’ tools for a more accurate gauge for PR/Authority. If you ask 10 SEO experts an SEO question, you get 11 different answers, right? LOL!

            Thanks man! Stay Boosted!


  12. says

    Approximately Jan. 18 Google actually “did” update their Page Rank.

    As a fairly newbie blogger I’ve noticed that the importance of Google Page Rank is much like the importance of money….
    The only people that “I” have personally ever heard to that say it means nothing, are those that have a lot of it.