Laser Targeted Video SEO

A couple of months ago we introduced some new Video SEO features into the uQast player and now all the wrinkles have been ironed out, including some work arounds for sub-optimal code within WordPress core in regards to oEmbed, a large chunk of it is working as intended.

This is a presentation I did live for the current uQast founding affiliates at that time. It was presented live but I hope most of the audio is understandable.

The keyword term used in the search engine visibility example was “Body Wash”.

Laser Targeted Video SEO

<a href="http://.mov" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', 'http://.mov', '']);" ><img src=";h=315&#038;aplay=0&#038;affid=0&#038;links=0&#038;hi=0&#038;wmode=transparent" alt="Laser Targeted Video SEO" width="560" height="315"></a>

More about Andys Store by Andy

We still have the doors open for 2 more weeks for founding affiliates to get in at a special fixed rate before we switch to monthly subscription with our chartered launch.

There is a special offer only available to webinar attendees.

I have spent the last 5 months working with the uQast team and my official role is uQast Product Manager… the viral SEO features I spent a long time working with our development team refining the code and I am confident no one does it better… but it is only a start.

Very soon we strap on the booster rockets for rocket propelled Video SEO giving people a reason to share great content.

I am an employee/consultant with uQast, an affiliate and power user, and the video seo features are my baby – damn yes I am biased.

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  1. Brett Bumeter says

    Gonna have to check back later, doesn’t play on an iPad. Is that a uQast issue?

  2. says

    Posting the iframe version which has the correct thumbnail in a comment.

    Video: – Laser Targeted Video SEO

    <br />This video goes into detail about the advanced Video SEO features of uQast and why they are important. <p><a href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-comment', '', '']);" rel="nofollow"><img src=";cap=" alt="Laser Targeted Video SEO" height="180" width="320"/></a></p> <p>

    More about Andy by Andy Beard

  3. says

    I love that you are biased…at least about the product you are working on. I am excited about the prospects of video SEO. It will definitely cause some revolutionary changes.

  4. says

    Good video Andy video is where it is at I ditched article marketing a while back for video marketing mainly Youtube so your tips come in handy thanks.

  5. says

    Hey Andy,

    Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with being biased because you’re proud of your work. I checked out your link and I might be attending the webinar on Sunday at 11:00. I need to learn more about video SEO and just web 2.0 in general.

  6. says

    I’m still not convinced that the economics of video production are the way to go when considering an SEO campaign. Are there any specific features that I can’t get out of regular blogging and content production?

    • says

      I suppose it depends on your niche and whether you have something to say that other people will find worthy to share.

      The cost to create a video is relatively minor if you don’t go crazy on production

      uQast isn’t just a video delivery platform – whilst you can upload other forms of media such as PDFs & PPT, soon we will also offer those as an embeddable player with similar features.

      All embedded content becomes rocket propelled with the affiliate platform and shopping cart.

  7. says

    I’m a little late to the game but I hope you see my comment. Love the video and recommendations. Any advice for an SEO company looking to start a SEO tutorial web series to supplement our blog? We want to add some very basic, brief tuts for our user to be able to check out as well as drive traffic to our site from YouTube, etc.