FeedBurner FeedFlares For PlugIM | Bumpzee

I have started creating a few custom Feedburner FeedFlares for things that I would like Feedburner Feedflares to support.

I decided to create it as a static page

FeedBurner FeedFlare Library

First up, we have:-

  • Bumpzee
  • PlugIM

It should be noted they are not “Dynamic” feed flares, but they are useful as they appear quite nicely for your feed and email subscribers.

I have also provided some instructions on how to use custom FeedBurner FeedFlares

Many people also use Feedburner Feedflares on their blogs, especially now that Feedburner offer free site tracking integrated with their normal feed tracking.

I have some more coming once I have a couple of technical problems sorted out.

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