Best Of Blogs Awards – For those struggling to have their voice heard

The one thing that irritates me about all the “Best of” blogging awards is that they are always, without exception won by the blog that can encourage enough of their own readership to vote for them. Obviously they have the high readership because they write quality content, and have been established for a lot longer to build up their readership, but in some cases that means they win the prizes, year on year, almost by default.

The Best of Blog Awards is something different. The voting is unaffected by high readership, in fact if you have a high readership, you don’t even qualify to enter. Even this blog, just over 3 months old doesn’t qualify by a considerable margin.

Best of Blogs

I am sure many of my readers will qualify – you have to have less than 100 unique visitors per day. There are even real prizes such as free entry to BlogWorldExpo.

One additional point, this event is being run by OneByOne Media, who have a good reputation in the blogosphere, thus I expect the winners, and even the nominees to gain a fair amount of exposure from this event.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the very kind words Andy and thanks for the link. We started these awards three years ago because we were seeing the same people winning the same awards and there were so many blogs out there that didn’t get the exposure they deserved. Many of our winners have gone on to very cool projects including books, TV and other stuff. It just goes to show that with the right exposure, the cream rises to the top.