Google Buzz SEO – Evidence Buzz Now Used For Indexing

I have been testing whether links posted in Google Buzz pass PageRank or at the very least can help with indexation of content since 22nd February 2010

I didn’t write a blog post about it, but I did write something exclusive for my readers on Google Buzz (those few of you out there) as a test case, posting a link from that page to one of the most poorly indexed sites known to the internet, which happens to be owned by Google.


Here is the link to the seo test page I kept on this domain, linked from my top navigation.

This is the post on Google Buzz that has a link to a single page on where I answered someone’s question.
If you examined the code on Buzz at the time it was posted it was all funky javascript. Now the link to Vark is clearly visible within the HTML.

Here is the page indexed in Google


Profiles Updated

Google updated their profiles around 3rd March 2011 so this page may have been indexed a while back and I missed a Google Alert. It does however add some credence to the notion that someone giving you a +1 may at the very minimum give you some kind of indexation benefit. Whether that will pass anchor text or other signals remains to be seen from further tests.

Any claims from before March 3rd 2011 of a direct ranking benefit or even indexation benefit from Google Buzz should be questioned.

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  1. Irene says

    Is this really proven? I’ve looked on your sample and you searched using a long tail keyword. However, it appears that the only site seen in the index is Aadvark. I’d like to discover more new stuffs from Google Buzz. Thanks for sharing. I will be checking it out and by the time I found something new again, I will return with a question that I hope you will answer.

    Irene Thomas

    • says

      The title was “Ă«vidence” not “proof”

      But the test has been pretty well isolated and if you check pages on Vark don’t rank without some external influence

      The test remained with no movement for 1 year… with the page not being indexed… then when Google changed Buzz and Google Profiles, the page “magically” became indexed

      That is fairly conclusive evidence for me, but I am not saying it is proof..

  2. says

    I have not used Google Buzz since last year and to be honest forgot all about it before reading your post. Thanks for running a test, so the rest of us did not have to.

  3. says

    That’s interesting. It would be good if Google Buzz effectively helped with indexing. Google Buzz is new ground to explore to me, but the result of your experiment sounds promising. :)

    ~ Luana S.

  4. says

    You referenced this post in Google Plus or G+. I stopped by to see if you had any links to your account there on this page. I see the Buzz share link but not the +1 link.
    It will be interesting to see the effects of both Buzz and + for people who really are not out to retire rich from Internet Marketing, but who would like to have a site, blog, or YouTube account, that gets a lot of visitors.
    I find so far, that Buzz and + take up a lot of time. It takes me away from other things I want to do. I feel like a kid in a new school wondering how I am ever going to fit in.