Adwords Keyword Tool

I have just added a free to use Adwords Keyword Formatter that I wrote some time ago for my old site. As I was playing around with generation scripts, I thought I would use it as a test for including PHP generators in a WordPress page, and it turned out fairly well.

There ws one small “gotcha” – I had to wrap the text area boxes in [pre] tags otherwise WordPress with its kind automatic formatting added [br /] to every line inside the text area.

The tool does simple expansion of a keyword lists for various matching and common typographic errors such as missing spaces.

Adwords Keywords Tool

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  1. says

    Nice Andy,

    Too many people gum these kinds of tools up with all kinds of exteraneous junk that make them slow and unwieldy. I like that you stayed focused, clean and sharp on yours.

    But for the love of God, can you take down the snoflakes! ;)

  2. says

    I still have the code for the hacked BAP keyword files > tag pages I might put up sometime as well.

    If you want the code (for either) to stick somewhere just let me know

  3. says

    Actually, yes, I’d be interested in those. I read your posts about them at the time, but since I was using a core hack of my own to turn categories into tags, I didn’t really look at them. But I’m migrating over to UTW now that it has all the features I wanted.