Really Evil – The “Don’t Be Evil” Bookmarklet

It is not as benign as you might think.

Some of the points raised in the video

  1. We need to avoid a cartel of top sites with limited access, especially with Ggoogle and Facebook currently buying ads from each other in the free market.
  2. Identity is important and both Twitter & Facebook fail to provide a method of bi-directional ownership – the “Don’t Be Evil” bookmarklet fails by linking Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ to a Quora topic page about him… not his actual profile (if he has one) – it is possible for Google to do fairly well with some cases, e.g. if I have authorship with my blog, and I have bi-directional links between my blog and Twitter, that might count
  3. Google+ profile owners shoud get a choice of which links might be used
  4. If you want to give Google hints, you really should fill out your profile better

A few of the links from the video

The evil don’t be evil bookmarklet
John Batelle’s post
Danny’s post

Experiment for yourself, but also understand that Google’s results are personalized and regional. E.g. I fully expect to have competition in the UK SERPs for the first twitter listing for Andy Beard, as there are at least 2 Andy Beards I know of there, and at least 2 others in the US.
Identity is a big part of Web 3.0 and both Facebook and Twitter currently fail in the ability to accurately verify a chain for most people.

The intent of the bookmarklet is to focus on the “user”

I want users to be directed to the profiles and services I vouch for
I want users to go to links that have been verified with a robust identity as being mine

Full coverage on Techmeme

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  1. says

    First and foremost thank you so much for making this video! Secondly I had no idea you had such a cute accent. :) lol but most importantly of all, I now know how to set my G+ profile thanks to watching the video…mille grazie Andy!!

    • says

      Personally I haven’t liked my voice much since I was 5. That being said I could boom out lines very well. Apparently I caused lots of parents to jump when I boomed out “I am Herod The Great, King of All Judea” in a nativity. My singing voice is even worse. When I was 10 I was selected for the role of King Rat in a musical because my singing voice was so terrible.

      There are some great articles on Google+ SEO optimization out there. Some people have written half a book… I would tend to look on it as a real about page you want to rank for a really competitive term.

    • says

      I ignore SEO effect – I have heard that Twitter currently has no direct effect (though links from when tweets get syndicated might have value) = Google+ I have a test on my Gogle profile that currently isn’t passing anchor text.. it may help indexation.

  2. says

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you – I’d overlooked the ‘other profiles’ bit of Google+ (although it seems to be called ‘useful links’ on mine now?), I’ve just added my other profiles on there.

    Thanks Andy.

    • says

      I haven’t had time to work out the best way to handle authorship with Google+ on a multi-author blog but that is something you can add to your fasteners blog to give it some more personalization within Google search results. I know Yoast’s SEO plugin does it in some way but a lot depends on where you intend to keep author profiles.

      • says

        Thanks, just installed the Yoast plugin, I’ll have a play.

        Just realised I only have a +1 button on the site and blog, need to add a ‘Follow on G+’ button, and perhaps link to all the other profiles (LinkedIn, Digg, Tumblr etc) that I have linked on G+.

        Linked to this article from my personal Twitter, good stuff.

  3. says

    Cool video And – You shared light for on this topic. I can understand now why Google launched their new search + it only right to favor their own products than someone eles’s like you said. thanks

  4. says

    Someone above asked about the SEO of twitter, facebook and google +, Now this maybe a rumor but I heard Google + does the most for SEO, since it’s a google product it loads up quicker to google than other sites. They did this to help persuade people to go to Google + from facebook. But I don’t know how true the rumor is. But it doesn’t seem to get people leaving facebook anyways.