ACTA? Dead Man Walking

Apparently 22 member states wasted a huge amount of resources signing the ACTA treaty.
If the current version had in some way been publicized previously they might have had a vague chance of it not causing a multinational revolt across Europe.

The internet population already know how to mobilize… they are SOPA trained. It is easy to slip something past novices who are timid.

The internet is now full of battle veterans confident in their ability to use the skills they have learned and the power of their voice to take on governments.

The guy from the European Parliament assigned to investigate ACTA quit in disgust.

Any MEP who votes for the act will be widely publicised, thus harming their chance of re-election and will no doubt subject them to extreme financial scrutiny.

It is likely I will get a few comments accusing me of being a supporter of piracy.

Certainly the act in some ways will affect me as a content publisher on this blog.
It affects me as the product manager of a multimedia publishing platform, – our aim there is to help rights owners who create content make money from their own content
I worked in the software and computer games industry for 15 years before devoting myself to online endeavours.

So if anything I should be for ACTA, not against it.

Ultimately I haven’t read it… and that is the primary issue today… secrecy. The act has been signed which may affect the rights of my generation, and that of our children.

Save your bullets – wait until you can see the whites of their eyes. The complete document will leak even if not intentionally published, and then will be time for serious comment.. and action.

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  1. Poker says

    The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will never be able to protect intellectual property online, there are too many ways to alter and use others intellectual property in the digital age.

  2. says

    ACTA came in at the wrong time, because people are still reeling from SOPA-PIPA. Many of them are still suspicious of any form of Internet regulation. MEPs may be too preoccupied with public opinion to see past this.

  3. says

    They would have to change all relevant laws in all countries. That’s close to impossible.

    BTW are there any repercussions for not enacting it afterwards (countries don’t follow Kyoto protocol)?

  4. says

    I think that ACTA comes with a nice shining package, but underneath it there are a lot of undisclosed aspects. At first glance any content creator should be happy, but there is much more than that… personally I don’t like the idea of being permanently supervised by anyone, so I hope they will reject this law.

    Jack Sander