SEO Sanitation From A Cleaner of Other People’s $#!+

I often liken what I occasionally do to being a cleaner of other people’s $#!+ and in some ways that is what I do in my role as Product Manager at uQast (we are just starting our chartered launch), tracking down bugs & designing features that solve the problems of our customers.
It is much better being the “Head Cleaner” – then you don’t necessarily have to get out a mop & bucket yourself… let alone a plunger.

Here is my list in reverse order of difficulty to fix a SEO disaster.

  1. Amateurs

    If you have a website that just needs some loving this is by far the easiest to work with. It is almost a clean slate that just needs a bit of polish.

  2. Web dev who thinks they are SEOs or that SEO is Bullshit

    There may be a need for a new platform, or platform improvements and the incumbent web-dev doesn’t agree. Often a lack of promotion. I have friends who offer web-dev as part of their SEO business and my honest advice to them is to focus on what they are best at.

  3. Startups full of Ex-Googlers

    Twitter and Facebook come to mind, though an earlier example was an answers service that just couldn’t be crawled naturally. The ex-Googlers are now back at Google.

  4. Lazy SEOs who just do directory submits, maybe buy obvious links etc

    Typical SEO cleanup job – remove the crap, build good stuff to compensate. Site quality (lets group that under Panda) issues are of similar complexity.

  5. Aggressive Pro SEOs who didn’t warn customer of inherent risk
  6. I am not saying #5 doesn’t work, but you have to be prepared to move house and rebuild rather than just clean up

The difference between each tier is significant but maybe not logarithmic, and the difficulty is often of a different nature. e.g. #3 the difficulty would be in trying to convince ex-googlers they are wrong.

My friend Dave from the SEO Dojo has a great post today on diagnosing and removing Google penalties.

I’ve never considered myself a SEO Pro… when I have helped people (& often it is other SEOs) it has primarily been to satisfy my inner geek.

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