LinkedIN Fast Generator

My LinkedIn Fast Button has proven to be quite popular but some people might struggle with customizing the code, and it is easy to make a mistake, so I have developed a simple generator.

LinkedIn Fast

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  1. says

    Hi Andy, excellent idea! I’ve added it to my homepage, but I have started wondering a little bit about how valid it actually is.

    Don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion (feel free to correct me), the idea of LinkedIn, is to be linked to the people you _know_, not just as many people as possible.

    Right now, we’re connected, since I used your link, and you accepted. Its quick and fast, but up until the other day, you did not know me. You did not in fact even know that I subscribed to your RSS feed. Why exactly are we connected via LinkedIn?

    (Don’t get me wrong, I just got to thinking about it).

  2. says

    Most people’s email address are on their blog, or fairly easy to find, such as Yahoo profiles etc.

    If you have a blog and someone has commented, again you have their email address.

    All the button is doing is saving 5 minutes research, and another 5 minutes navigating your way around LinkedIn for a form many users might not even have seen.

    The recipient still has the same choice of whether to accept the invitation. I accepted yours because I read a little about who you were (although that could be false if people somehow fake things), and decided we were a “compatible” match for someone who might legitimately want to contact me.

    I live in Europe – European law is moving towards total openness of your legal information on websites.

    I don’t think making the process slightly easier, by my own choice for people who want to contact me is harmful

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    I’m enjoying your recent posts on LinkedIn tweaks. I tried out the quick link you created in a previous post and it was almost too easy. I’m so used to going through multiple steps that it took me a moment before I realized that my invite had been sent.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    I honestly spent a good hour searching for an existing solution before attempting it myself. If I didn’t already have that bookmarklet for switching post to GET I wouldn’t have even attempted it myself.

    I have seen a widget that pulls all your data down to display it, but for me that isn’t highly useful, and might be a security risk.

    In this case you are only including your email address – if anyone is actively promoting themselves or their company, you can always find at least one email address for them.