Bumpzee Adds Amazing Feature – Autotagging

One of the many features that have been added to Bumpzee over the last few days is something I was really looking forward to.

Auto Tagging

This feature is important because all my content that is relevant is being automatically being posted to Bumpzee, no need to submit it.
But it would become a pain if I had to visit the site after every post I made on the blog to add tags.
Bumpzee Autotagging
Bumpzee is now automatically parsing each post for tags, such as rel=”tag” used for Technorati, and adding them automatically with each entry.

Here is the announcement on Bumpzee Autotagging

Also important is including a way to prevent certain posts from ending up on Bumpzee. If you have a blog that includes general stuff about your life, as well as marketing related content, you shouldn’t allow it to be auto-listed.


An Active Conversations page has also been added. It is just a first step, as for instance I would love some notification if someone has posted a comment to one of my posts, maybe an automatic subscribe to comments for your content, and optional on other discussions.

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