Trackbacks to Moveable Type and Hacked WordPress Sites

Am I the only one who feels slightly disconnected from the conversation when blogs using Moveable Type, or a modified WordPress installation don’t trackback.

If your blog doesn’t trackback, I am less inclined to link to you and join your conversation. I might just comment, but that doesn’t send my readers to see what you wrote either.

I know you will make the excuse that you have a busy blog, and get lots of trackback spam, but an aweful lot of those trackbacks are part of the conversation, and your own readers are missing out.

If you are using Spam Karma on WordPress, the majority of trackbacks that get through are real comments, and a few might be people using your content – you can always delete the trackback and block the site if they are abusing the facility.

Hiding the autodiscovery for trackback away is just an insular approach. It is honestly a pain to have to copy and paste a second URL, or remember to stick /trackback/ on the end of the URLs on some WordPress sites.

Oh, and talking of trackback, I need to link to Irish in Denmark – this is actually part of an experiment with Google Bombing, and something else to prove a point that is highly valid and deserves some attention. I know exactly what is going on, and encourage others to link through to Paul using the same anchor text “Irish in Denmark”.

It should be noted that Paul doesn’t use nofollow on his trackbacks, so you receive a live link probably from another DNS C-Block. If you write a post about trackbacks as I have done, it is even a link that is LSI related.

I put this in the memes category, it isn’t really a meme as such, but it effectively works in the same way as a meme.

I am going to test the nobumpzee flag with this post as well

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  1. says

    I’ve enabled pingbacks and trackbacks at my site, and others are able to send a pingback to me.

    But I’m unable to pingback other blogs. Not even my own blog posts. No outgoing pings, it seems.

    Perhaps it’s a hosting issue, because my blogs in other hosts are able to send outgoing pings with no problem.

  2. says

    Under options >>> discussion

    “Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article (slows down posting.)”

    Have you tried entering a URL manually?

  3. Manuel Viloria says

    Yes, that box was checked. I’ve also tried entering the URL manually in both the body of the post, and also in the Trackback box.

    Incoming pingbacks and trackbacks are not a problem, which means the WP theme is probably working.

    Makes me wonder if one of my hosts is blocking outgoing ping/trackbacks.

    Thank you for taking the time, Andy! :-)


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