Security: Is MyBlogLog a Parasite?


There is a good reason I include a quote from Dane Morgan on my about page. It is not just because it was complementary, but because I know he is a very smart cookie, that has been around the block a few times with all kinds of affiliate marketing. He is vastly more experienced than I am.

I am a marketer and also like many online marketing tpes, I love tracking of all kinds, because it helps me with my business. Millions of dollars are saved each year by smart marketers using various forms of tracking and split testing to improve their Adwords performance.
If you are running Adsense, again you should be tracking and testing different things. Having some idea of who is clicking an Adsense advert such as an IP address is vital if an advertiser complains to Google about click fraud.

It also should be noted that many of the largest advertising networks are also lumped into the exact same “parasite” barrel as it seems MyBlogLog has done, but at least Dane has managed to get something corrected.

Dane knows a lot more about this stuff than I do, so if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask him.
Continue reading Is MyBlogLog a Parasite over on Danes blog for full details.

I am very much pro MyBlogLog – most people are very much pro Google and Amazon as well, and they collect heaps of data about what you do on the internet.

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    I just got back from reading Dane’s posts. Very interesting. I wonder if his results would have been any different pre-Yahoo!? I am starting to consider his conclusion that “maybe our community tools and our tracking tools” need to be separate.

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    Thanks for the mention and the kind words Andy. And for the record, I want to be sure to state that I am pro MyBlogLog as well. I don’t use the tracking features myself, I’m interested in the community tools it offers.

    Until such time as someone can put hard evidence in my face that Yahoo or MBL are doing anything unethical with the data they collect I tend to believe they are benign and they do offer a great service to many bloggers who need it.