SPAM Box Zero in Gmail – The Ultimate Goal

I have read hundreds of articles on how to achieve in-box zero, but never an article on how to ensure that the email lists you signed up for or important notifications never end up in the spam folder.

Lets face it, Google even classify their own emails as spam sometimes


Set Up Universal Spam Filter

Go to Gmail Settings >> Filters >> Create New Filter

For those that don’t know their way around Gmail

Click on cog icon
Click settings
Click the filters tab (yeah I know the tabs aren’t obvious)
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
Click the “Create New Filter” – if you can’t read it get new glasses


In the “has the words” box type the word “unsubscribe”

There is a significant correlation between emails you sign up for and emails which include an unsubscribe link

Now click “Create filter with this search” (bottom right corner again in small font)

Here is the real magic


We are going to click the box “Never send it to spam” and then create filter


Hey Andy, won’t this also mean that any real spammers who include unsubscribe in their emails will also end up in my inbox?


But lets face it – knowing that your website is offline or you have received a Google penalty is a small price to pay for the 10% of spammers that include an unsubscribe link, and you can easily train your VA or personal assistant to delete real spam.

What about the legitimate email that uses other words like “click here” or “Email settings”?

Tough… survival of the fittest, they will even amend their ways or go the way of the dodo.

Look out for an even better way for email service providers to better handle spam tomorrow – this is really a temporary non-solution

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