Blogger Templates – How to Customize Them

Jack Spirko is one of my readers, and he has put together a great video showing the basics of how to customize a Blogger Template.
I believe he will be making more videos covering more advanced subjects, and I know lots of my readers use blogger so it might be of interest.

I can guarantee you will love his comments policy, and the tips he gives are rock solid on lots of different subjects.

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    Andy, thank you very much for the link to our story. The blogger videos are just one part of a massive multimedia project we are working on. We plan to beta launch it in about two weeks.

    We will be opening the free members area up first which will includ a complete beginning to end course on the blogger system. Our free area will even have some slightly advanced techniques like how to use PHP includes and some other cool stuff like the basics of paid blogging. The rest of the internet marketing and seo training to become available soon after.

    While we don’t use blogger as our primary personal blog platforms there is an immense value in the use of them from an SEO perspective and they are just awesome for new people to start learning with.

    Thanks again and I am going to favorite you with Technorati, did not know you had that policy.

    Jack Spirko

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    I still have quite a few blogs on blogger

    That reciprocal policy on Technorati really helps people being indexed frequently by Technorati.

    I need to do something better than the Technorati Widget on the front page as it doesn’t show full titles or enough posts.

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    Just a quick not to say I have just killed the better part of the day roaming through your blog. This is an excellent resource… I wish I had found it earlier.

    You are now added to both my rss feeds and you are my first Technorati Fav.

    Keep up the great work,