Team Link Network – Advertising Pyramid | Ponzi | Scam

Imagine a new advertising network that offered to manage all your advertising inventory on your site and also some juicy recurring income.
Imagine they also offered a substantial bonus scheme for signing up new advertisers and affiliates, regardless of performance.
Oh and they make payments by Paypal, and allow international members. Affiliates who live in the US often overlook that many of the opportunities available to them are closed to international affiliates, and payment by check in USD is often inconvenient (hello Clickbank)

What an Attractive Offer

So you go to the website, start filling out the form and get to the bottom of the page and see:-

Team Link Network Ponzi Pyramid Scam

See Wikipedia: Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

Whilst there is the potential to earn some money from the advertising, the real financial incentive is to sign up paid affiliates. Even worse, the “advertising company” and I use that term in a vague attempt to keep this post decent, are potentially making more money from the pyramid scheme than from advertising sales.

Also by dealing with this by Paypal, there is a high chance that extremely quickly the Paypal account of the organisers is going to be frozen due to Paypal Terms of Service, and even if you have paid money in, you won’t get it back out.

Here is the Paypal acceptable use policy in relation to Multi Level Marketing, Pyramid Schemes, Matrix Programs and Trading Schemes Policy

Team Link Network - making people poor

This is all my personal opinion regarding Team Link Network, and I have reported them to Paypal.
Hell they even have a pyramid in their logo. I can’t see them making the majority of people happy so I have made a small correction.

p.s I would like to point out I wasn’t paid for this review and wrote this as an extremely concerned citizen.

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  1. Stephanie says

    Hi Mr. Beard,

    I work as the Affiliate Manager for Team Link Network. I appreciate you taking the time to look at our program, but I want to clarify a few things in depth…

    TLN is a recruitment tool. It is actually about building a network of real websites that will allow us to represent them and sell ads to their traffic. It is all about hosting ads and what we are trying to communicate is that once an ad is placed, we charge monthly, (we actually RENT ad space and not sell it), so you collect money month after month without any further effort.

    First of all, you don’t HAVE to pay anything to take part in TLN. This is why TLN is neither a Ponzi, Pyramid or any other scheme for that matter. You can sign up to host ads for free, (because like I said, it is all about building the network), but, we WANT people to have a vested interest in the program. The board as a recruiting tool will not work without people either paying for a license or having someone sponsor them and share their board bonus.
    Buying a license allows the licensee to enjoy 25% commissions on EVERY sale that comes through their affiliate banner, which is located on their site. Now, the money we pay out can be issued to the end-user via check or paypal.

    Mr. Beard, it really is a revolutionary system and I can see how it is difficult to understand the intricacies from just a glance. I sincerely believe that if I can get people like yourself beyond the first glance to get you involved enough to see what we are doing, then I believe your standpoint will change.

    I’m sure you get people promising you stuff all the time, but what if I’m right? What if there really is something different here that takes a little more than just a superficial evaluation? AND, while I’m sure you get a lot of offers, I bet you don’t get too many from people willing to put their money where their mouth is. If I pay your $200 and that board rolls, I will get half of your $1360 but that still leaves you making $680 and it didn’t cost you anything. However if it doesn’t roll, I lose my money but you risk nothing more than a little time to understand how you get that money.

    So, what do you say….would you consider allowing me to sponsor you and help you get involved enough to see how this is supposed to work?


  2. says

    Stephanie I appreciate your feedback but unfortunately there are 2 major flaws in your reasoning.

    First of all, you don’t HAVE to pay anything to take part in TLN.

    I just went to the publisher signup page again, just to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake. The page is exactly as before, and the only submission link for the form on the page is the Paypal button, thus you do have to pay $200 to sign up as a publisher.

    2. Monetary Incentive

    I probably have over 1000 indexed pages on this site, so potentially I have $1000 to gain from advertising. That is far more content than most bloggers, but actually only a fraction of the virtual real estate under my control.

    For the majority of people who sign up, the primary incentive isn’t going to be selling advertising space, but the “affiliate” program and rollover board.
    Even if you could signup without paying, which doesn’t seem possible currently, the financial incentive is paying $200 to earn $1360 and not selling adverts.

    With this “system” you are buying an “opportunity” not a product.

    I have read how Paypal typically interpret a number of activities, in particular Resale Rights.

    With Resale Rights, the value of what a person is purchasing has to be the primary motivation for the transaction, not the business opportunity. If the primary motivation is that you can make money by selling this opportunity to others, then you cross the line as far as Paypal is concerned and are in danger of having your account suspended.

    You are offering to pay $200 for my entry, and that is a safe bet, because if I promoted the product, it would be guaranteed that I would bring in enough paying customers to cover the fee.
    Unfortunately my mind doesn’t work that way, and $680 is neither here not there for me, as I have passed up earning 1000s every month for what I believed was a duff product.

    TLN is currently just a matrix with some advertising thrown in to make it legal. It would be quite easy to fix, just get rid of the matrix altogether, and have a totally free affiliate program earning 25% from your referrals and the only money involved being from advertising sales.

    Up until now I haven’t really touched on how little you are paying for the advertising. I would suggest you would need to increase the price to a minimum of $5 per page to make it worthwhile, or better yet make the payment of $1 per ad per page a monthly rate.

    As an aside I also suggest you start using Google Alerts with Google Blog Search to help with your reputation management, because it has taken you 8 days to become aware of my review, rather than just a few hours.

  3. Stephanie says

    Again Mr. Beard, I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Per your recommendations, I double checked and
    the free publisher sign up is at: and also /publisher.asp

    I still want to stress TLN’s motivation; it is to build a network of real sites, real people, that generates real money for all those involved. This systems provides opportunities that are opening doors to markets across the world. The Publishers hosting the ads make 50% and the Affiliate makes 25% of every sale via their affiliate banner; therefore, everyone’s incentive is fulfilled by making money.

    Not only can you get 50 text ads on 50 relevant, unique domains for $50…you can have 10 different sets of anchor text! Mr. Beard, there might be some confusion about our rates; these are monthly recurring fees. Better for the ad publishers….they make money month after month, simply by investing a few minutes to put up a snip-it of html code.

    Best Wishes,

    Team Link Network

  4. says

    If you follow the small typeface menu at the top, you can reach that page.

    The primary traffic funnel is to the paid signup, which also has the option of joining the advertising network.

    The primary intent of the squeeze page is to sell the money making opportunity, and not the advertising. In my opinion it contravenes Paypal’s policies.

    I don’t want to promote your site in any way, as I regard it as a “bad neighbourhood”, thus I am going to remove the active links.