No One Reads Your Terms of Service

Unless you stick terms of service directly in front of people, and make important points extremely bold, people are not going to read them.

This was the whole point of a little experiment I helped Paul with over the last week, and the results are extremely conclusive. It is partially to do with the story I have written about in the past, but I think the results also paint a much broader picture.

Here is what I wrote before:-

Oh, and talking of trackback, I need to link to Irish in Denmark – this is actually part of an experiment with Google Bombing, and something else to prove a point that is highly valid and deserves some attention. I know exactly what is going on, and encourage others to link through to Paul using the same anchor text “Irish in Denmark”.

It should be noted that Pual doesn’t use nofollow on his trackbacks, so you receive a live link probably from another DNS C-Block. If you write a post about trackbacks as I have done, it is even a link that is LSI related.

Paul today has let the cat out of the bag, and written about the “sugar trap” terms of service he created to prove a point, and I believe the results are devastating.

1202 pageviews and 615 visitors NOBODY viewed the Terms of Service of the site they were on.

So how many people did he trap into linking to him, who if this was serious might owe him a significant amount of money?

The 50,000 Sugar Trap

Imagine doing that combining a little SMM on Digg, some great linkbait, and then clearing up! Welcome to scamming Web 2.0 style.

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  1. says

    Imagine trying to make your first dime off of that in court. Lucky for me, my laziness and busy schedule prevailed and I never got around to linking back. Looks like I’ll be courtcase free! lol

  2. says

    That’s just the way it is, Andy. When people feel too lazy being aware and being responsible, someone is bound to do it for them, and they tend to pay a high price.