Alexa Finally Provide Some Useful Data

Ok that is a bit tongue in cheek – Alexa data has always had some use for sites that are not gamed, and within similar niches, and it is always nice to see.

To save me writing more about it, you can head over to Meg’s Blogpond report on new Alexa data.

There is a good reason I am sending you to Meg’s blog – she lives in Australia, and runs sites for an Aussie audience – the country data shows one of her sites is rated 176 in Australia – you would never tell that looking at the normal Alexa rating of around 25k

If you look at my own Alexa data, you will notice I am not gaming my results too much though I am using search status while editing, saving etc which has a small effect. 5% Polish traffic is likely at least 50% me, though I do have a few Polish readers.

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